Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wanna Help Me With My Homework?

So, as most of you know (because I'm sure I've mentioned it at some point), I've gone back to school to get my Masters. One of my classes is in web design and I've created a site for The Let's Make Outs. It's not very complicated, but I think it's pretty rad.

Anyway, here's where you come in...I need people to test it out and make sure everything works and looks okay in different browsers and to different eyes. So please, if you have some spare time, click here and take a minute (or 5) to look around. Then leave a comment or email me your thoughts on what you like/hate and what works/doesn't work. So many of you are such talented designers, I'd really love to get your feedback...especially constructive criticism. I mean, just because I think it's the best website ever doesn't mean everyone agrees with me. I won't even tell you you're wrong if you say it's all terrible. Thanks in advanced for not saying it's all terrible!

P.S. Some of you already did this for me a few weeks ago. Please know, if I didn't implement your suggestions, it wasn't because they were crappy. It was mostly because I didn't know how to make the changes. I'm learning! Love you all! xoxo


Anonymous said...

I wanna hear the Liz Lemon song but it doesn't play on the site, is it up yet? But apart from that, the site simplicity is fine by me. It looks uncluttered and girlie and it's hard to go wrong with that! For a novice it's looking spiffy, lady! Maybe a touch empty, but there's a fine line between empty and overcrowded, I'm sure you'll have a bit more stuff on there later. I don't mean just content for the band but other stuff to fill the pages with on the sides maybe, links or other interesting stuff that the band likes? I don't know, I'm just saying. So far, so good.

red said...

Oh yeah. I should have mentioned the Liz Lemon song isn't up yet.

Thanks Veg!

BeckEye said...

"Uncluttered and girly." That pretty much nails it!

Everything seems to look and work fine. I'm using Firefox, if that matters.

words...words...words... said...

It's working great :)