Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Carry On!

It's back. Everyone's favorite fashion drama fest, Project Runway, returns tonight with an all new season. I am sew excited (sorry. I couldn't help myself). The Bravo website has bios on all the new cast members. I'm picking Jack or Christian to win it all (mainly because Tim Gunn seems to like them a lot and Tim Gunn has impeccable taste. I totally want to be on his makeover show (not that I need a makeover), but I just want to give him a hug and shed tears together about my tragic (made-up) childhood...and hopefully he'd get Austin Scarlett to be my "life coach" and create a gorgeous, costumey gown for me to wear to my (fictional) husband's work gala (because, of course, he's a top surgeon and donates tons of money to charity and thus I get stressed out regularly because I am not as confident as the other surgeons wives and need Tim (and Austin and Veronica) to tell me how fabulous I am for a week straight and then I'll actually believe it)).

But, I digress. I was actually in Bryant Park in NYC just before fashion week this year and it got me really excited for the new season (not that I saw any fashions or anything. I guess big, white tents in a park just really do it for me...or something). Also, re-watching all the drama in Bravo's season 3 marathon this past weekend reminded me of the fun we have to look forward to...Who will be accused of getting outside help on their line at Fashion Week? Who's work will be called "costumey" or "matronly" or "dowdy"? Will anyone top Santino's Tim Gunn impression? Will anyone be as horrible and annoying as Wendy Pepper? And, most importantly, who will really "make it work"?

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