Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Gingers is the Watchword.

God, Words Words Words' family is SO lame.

This year, may your gravy be smooth, your mashed potatoes buttery and your turkey stuffed with various other poultry. Its 2009 folks, time to get on the turducken train. Woo woo!

We are thankful for all 9 of our loyal readers. And Jon Hamm. We're also really thankful for Jon Hamm.

Have a good one guys!
The cast and crew of GitW


words...words...words... said...

HEY. That is NOT my family. Nobody is stumbling around drunk on Seagram's 7 highballs.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

BeckEye said...

Hope you had a good one! And that you didn't run out of Jon Hamm's John Ham.