Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This (mostly) Just In...

Hiya. Sorry I've been MIA from these parts. I have lots of excuses/reasons, but I'll spare you the not very dirty or interesting details. Let's just get to some stuff you may or may not care about:

The AV Club's 30 Best TV Shows of the '00s - I don't have many arguments with this list. I especially appreciate the inclusion of Veronica Mars (RIP!). I am trying to decide if I'm excited for or preemptively annoyed with all the End of the Decade Best of Lists to come...probably annoyed.

RIP Ken Ober - I loved Remote Control, even if it is possibly the reason MTV sucks so hard now, and Ken was a big part of it's awesomeness. On to a better place, sir.

"Unfriend" added to the New OED - Does anyone actually say "unfriend"? It's "defriend," right? That's not just me?

Nine Trailers Make Me Happy - This is actually my least favorite of the bunch (because it features Kate Hudson), but every trailer I see for this movie musical makes my heart leap for joy! I can even somehow over look the fact that Fergie is in it. Can. Not. Wait!

I Tried Dogfish Head (and I liked it)
- On my trip last week, several people said I could find Dogfish Head at one of the locals, but they lied. Ruby Tuesdays in the Knoxville airport listed it on their menu, but, again, all lies. When I returned home, a friend told me, "My favorite beer right now is Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA." UGH! This beer was straight up taunting me! So I went to BevMo and grabbed a 4 pack and drank one straight away...and you are all right. It's delicious. It's a bit too sweet for me and my bitter taste buds, but the ridiculously high alcohol content makes up for that. So, thanks for the tip, bloggy friends. You are all the best. No you are!


words...words...words... said...

I think I would need a 12-pack of IPA to sit through anything featuring Kate Hudson AND Fergie. And possibly some penicillin.

Welcome back! It's been far less red without you.

Liz said...

I wanna try this "Dogfish Head," if that's its real name. The buzz is out of control.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

If you want truly want over-the-top alcohol content, you should get one of their World Wide Stouts, 120 Minute IPAs or Their Raison D'Extra (I was personally really surprised by how much I enjoyed Raison D'Etra, and the higher alcohol content beer was just as yummy).

And, while I've trumpeted the 90 minute IPA for a long while, Palo Santo Marron could possibly be the best beer I've ever had. Seriously? Now that it's being bottled, I've strongly considered that that might be worth going into anaphylactic shock for. Literally, it could be to die for.

red said...

The only other Dogfish beer I saw was Midas Touch, but I'll keep an eye out for this one. I may just need to make a trip to the Least Coast and visit the brewery and try all the beers so I can move on with my freaking life!!!

BeckEye said...

I Tried Dogfish Head and I Liked It...sounds like a Katy Perry song.