Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You take it out, Donaghy!

Next year, everyone's favorite Raging Liberal Who Makes a Living Portraying a Raging Conservative is hosting everyone's favorite Public Relations Exercise Disguised As An Art Showcase.

You guess it - Alec Baldwin is hosting the Oscars!

Well, co-hosting, along with hosting veteran and all around funny guy Steve Martin. Should make for a fun show.


red said...

El Generalisimo! I think Alec and Steve will be good. Not Ricky Gervais hosting the GG good, but good in it's own special way. Plus! They can both be hilarious with Tina!!!

BeckEye said...

That's great, but I'm still pouting over the fact that Jackman turned it down. He was the best host ever.

words...words...words... said...

You could not have pulled a funnier still for this entry. Well done!

Also, Jackman PALED compared to Steve Martin, the best host ever. He was better than Whoopi, though.