Monday, November 9, 2009

Raves (Nov. 2009)

Sherpas – Target has this sweatshirt right now called the Sherpa. Its basically just a hooded sweatshirt, but with extra-fuzzy lining. It's like, crazy comfortable. I bought two. They are getting me through these harsh days of San Diego autumn, where the temperature has been know to drop below 60°!

Mad Men finale – [[[Spoiler Alert]]] Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Pryce!?!?! Great finale. I read a news story about a year ago where some guys who actually worked on Madison Ave. in the ‘60s said that Sterling Cooper, the ad agency on Mad Men, was kind of behind the times – the anti-Semitism, sexism, that was all on its way out by then. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner said that’s the point: Sterling Coop is supposed to be a dinosaur. And now, two weeks after the Kennedy Assassination, it’s all changing. Just like America! Can’t wait for ’64.

Hot Chocolate at Twiggs – I’ve lived in my neighborhood for about 3 years now, and I just last night discovered that a coffee shop in the corner makes AMAZING hot chocolate. I highly recommend everyone in San Diego give it a try.

Scott Pilgrim – I’m not hip at all when it comes to comics (or anything, really) so I might be waaaaay behind the times on this, but a friend of mine introduced me to the Scott Pilgrim books recently and I love them. They’re this quirky little story about a guy from Toronto whose life is pretty mundane, except when it’s occasionally like a video game. You need to read it to understand. They're making a movie out of it though, so you can be cool and know things before other people!

Weddings I’m not in – I’ve been a bridesmaid 4 times in 3 years. I’m always honored, but I’m also always out like $700 bucks. (Airfare, dawg. Airfare). So it was lovely to just be a guest at a friend’s (local) wedding Saturday night. Everyone should get married and let me just come!

Andrew Bird – Singer/songwriter Andrew Bird doesn’t have anything new out (unless you count his album "Noble Beast," which arrived in January) but I’ve been listening to him a lot lately. I’ve been sick, and something about his dulcet tenor and pitch-perfect whistling has made the hurting stop, just a little bit. Bless you, Mr. Bird.

Note: Red is on vaca until later this week. I’ll try to get you guys through the next few days. Tell her how much you miss her in the comments.


BeckEye said...

So, a sherpa is a cheaper version of cheap Old Navy fleeces? I'm so there.

You need to go search Dlisted from the last couple of days or so...I can't remember exactly when the post was. But they posted a picture of Jon Hamm as a high school football player. Holy meow.

Liz said...

Found it BeckEye - Yowza!!!! That just made my day.

words...words...words... said...

Mmm, now I want hot chocolate. With cinnamon and tons of whipped cream. And a cookie. And a defibrillator.

Anonymous said...

Im with you on the "weddings im not in" thing . . . being a bridesmaid is nice and all, but its a real treat to be able to get sh*t hammered at the open bar and not end up getting asked to leave the wedding by the brides father because you are making the entire bridal party look like a$$es . . . umm not that i ever did that . . .

red said...

Not one person missed me *sniff*

red said...

Oh! And about YOU and this post, I have not seen/heard/tasted any of these things you mentioned (other than the deliciousness of Jon Hamm and Mad Men), so I'm less hip than you, but I think we already knew that.