Monday, November 23, 2009

The List: Vol. 5

I know things have been rather pathetic around these parts lately. I can't guarantee they'll improve, but you should totally keep visiting anyway (I am a terrible salesperson). Here, though, are 5 things I'm digging at the moment:

Movie: An Education - While perhaps not as great as some critics would have you believe, this Nick Hornby penned film is a nice evening at the (movie) theater. Carey Mulligan IS as good as the critics say, but Peter Sarsgaard's accent is atrocious (I really don't understand why they didn't cast an actual Brit). Also, it's set in the 60's which is so hot right now. See it now if you are one of those people who like to see all the Oscar nominated films (buzz has it Mulligan will be nominated) or wait for DVD if you have an actual life.

TV: Parks and Recreation - The Amy Poehler vehicle kicked it up a notch this season and people are finally on board. I'd just like to point out I liked this show last season...when everyone else said it wasn't funny. I'm a trendsetter people. Ya better recognize!

Book: Armageddon in Retrospect by Kurt Vonnegut - A posthumously published collection of his stories of WWII. Funny, touching, scary...classic Vonnegut.

Music: It's Not Me, It's You by Lily Allen - I didn't much care for Lily's first breakthrough album, but this follow up is awesome. Still listening to it like crazy, what? Nearly a year after it's release? Good stuff.

Sports: San Diego Chargers - Not that I'm biased or anything, but we do have the best team song ever.


words...words...words... said...

I did not know that Nick Hornby wrote An Education. I may go see it now. He actually moves me to read novels! Plus, Carey Sullivan is cute as a button.

I will admit that I am one of the people who thought Parks And Recreation sucked last year but thinks it's better now. I had to be urged to give it a second chance by Falwless, but she was right. The episode about the art contest was awesome.

Malcolm said...

Last week, I received a huge stack of DVDs... one of which was season 1 for "Parks and Recreation". I had heard that the show has really improved since last season. I'm looking forward to checking out season 1 this week and possibly the new eps too.

BeckEye said...

Wait a damn minute, Fran. I am the one who told Falwless, and probably you, that Parks & Recreation was funny this year. Bitches be frontin'.

I would also like to say that I really love the show Work Release, starring Joe Pantoliano, Kristin Wiig, and Davon McDonald (the big guy from Forgetting Sarah Marshall). It hasn't even been created yet, but that's how awesome I am. I already know that it will exist and be hilarious.

K and/or K said...

Loved An Education. Mulligan is refreshing and it was all asthetic eye candy!