Tuesday, October 13, 2009

At The Movies: A Serious Man

I had the day off yesterday and believe I am now, officially, the only person who still gets Columbus Day off. Sweet! Anyway, I took advantage of the time and saw the new Coen Brother's movie A Serious Man. The film can be described in one word: Jewy* (I was calling it the Jewiest Movie Ever, but then I remembered someone made Yentl, so now it's a toss up).

Set in 1967 Minnesota, A Serious Man is apparently loosely based on the Midwestern community of the Coens' youth. The film follows Larry Gopnik, a physics professor, who's life is in turmoil. He turns to his local rabbis for help and guidance and they, frankly, aren't much help. As in life, a lot happens in A Serious Man, but in the end, you're left wondering "What's it all about Alfie?" I kind of have no idea, but I know I enjoyed it. The cast is wonderful and it feels very Coen, which is always a good thing. Perhaps if I were Jewish it would have made more sense. You should check it out and see if you have a clearer understanding of it all. Then report back.

This is a terrible review. I apologize.

* FYI, this is totally a good thing...especially coming from someone who's wished she was Jewish since she first laid eyes on Miles Silverberg in the 6th grade.


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

My God! Did you just reference a Cilla Black song? Wow, I need to...I need to go off somewhere and recover.

McGone said...

I was reading the script to this and just based on the opening scene, I can in fact agree with "jewy." My God, I didn't intend for that to sound so anti-Semitic.

I'm anxiously awaiting the time when I can see it, but until then I always have the fantastic trailer they put together for this. It's mesmerizing.

BeckEye said...

Like McGone, I hate Jews.

That is what he was saying, right? If not, I was only joking.

I also hate you and Falwless. That bitch had off yesterday too.

red said...

TIR - Do you mean the Alfie song? I dunno who actually sings it...I've never ever seen the original movie...I just think of that song whenever I think of the phrase "What's it all about?" My brain is weird.

McGone - Did I sound anti-Semetic when I said that? I didn't mean to. I love the Jews! And it is a fantastic trailer.

Becks - You obviously need to get into the banking and/or warmongering business.

Anyone who cares - I realized after reading a real review of this movie I'd heard the Coens were gonna do a Book of Job thing with this one...which I totally forgot about. When you think of it in those terms, it totally makes sense. Oops!

McGone said...

No, for some reason when you said it it didn't seem anti-Semetic. But when I typed it, I felt like I was wearing jackboots for a second.*

It kind of reminds me of that episode of 30 Rock where Jack and Liz would mention Salma Hayek's character being Puerto Rican, and follow up with a "Is that racist?"

*In the interest of clearing the air, I do not hate the Jews in the slightest. Unlike that awful BeckEye woman. Unless that's not what she was really saying.**

**I do not really believe BeckEye is awful. I find her delightful, in fact. Except for all the hatred.

red said...

"How are you so quite when your parades are so loud?!?"

Liz said...

I love the direction these comments have taken. I feel like George Constanza in the episode where Elain might be dating a black guy, but isn't sure. "I'm not sure we should be talking about this."

danielle970 said...

Miles Silverberg, oh the crush I had on him....

words...words...words... said...

I always seem to focus on the minutiae of your entries, but...Miles Silverberg? Really?

As for the actual content of the entry, it is a Coens movie and thus I will see it, Jewy or not. Besides, if it weren't for Jews, I wouldn't ever work. So I am happy to fill their coffers.