Friday, September 7, 2007

Bittersweet Revenge

When I turned 17, I wanted to have a big party to celebrate. Unfortunately, I had friends who were friends of Michelle Williams and someone decided to throw her a surprise birthday party ON my birthday. Of course, being Michelle Williams, all my friends went to her party instead of mine (at this point she'd only been in, like, Species and Lassie and Baywatch, but she was still the most famous person any of us knew). I was really bitter about this...mostly at Michelle even though she had nothing to do with the planning of the party. I hated her for years on Dawson's Creek and pretty much refused to watch any movie she was in and told every one I knew what a horrible, birthday party ruiner she was.

Eventually, I got over it (can't you tell?), came to respect her choices, and really enjoyed her in The Station Agent and Brokeback Mountain. I was even psyched when she caught Heath Ledger and landed an Oscar nomination. Now comes word she and Heath are splitting up...and I feel bad for hating her all those years.