Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jerk of the Week

Page Six is pretty trashy, but I couldn't avoid reading about Heath Ledger making out with Helena Christiansen in NYC Tuesday night because you all know of my sordid past with Michelle Williams. Poor Michelle. Heath obviously likes the older ladies (he dated Naomi Watts for a few years), but c'mon man! You just broke up with your wife...the mother of your child! He is treading dangerously into Ethan Hawke D-bag-ville.

Which got me thinking...what's the deal with celebs who jump from one person to another? I know non-celebrities do this, too (I have a friend who has been single probably 1 week out of the 10 years I've known her), but most people seem capable of being single for extended periods of time...especially after the breakup of a major relationship. I can't decide if famous people just have more offers than normal people or if they really are afraid of being alone. I'm sooooo glad I'm not famous (although, when I was in NYC over Labor Day, I ended up at The Spotted Pig, too. So, I'm cool enough to be famous...I just choose otherwise).

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Liz said...

A lot celebrity relationships are career driven. And they probably do have more offers, being so rich and famous and good looking. God I loathe them ...