Friday, September 28, 2007

Killing me softly

It’s pretty common to like a song and then grow to hate it. This is usually a result of incessant radio play, or the harsh light of sobriety. More rare is to hate a song and then grow to really like it, and this is what I’m going through it right now.

So help me God, I’ve come to really like that Killers song “When You Were Young.”

This is weird because hated that song when I first heard it. I mean seriously couldn't stand it. I admittedly came in biased: Killers’ front man Brandon Flowers had been quoted saying The Killers’ second album, Sam’s Town, was going to be the “best album of the last twenty years.” He also said Bruce Springsteen had a huge influence on it, which seemed an odd fit for a band famous for ‘80s inspired synth-rock. When I finally heard “When You Were Young" I remember it feeling kind like I’d gone to drink a cup of coffee that I knew might be cold and bitter, and having it be cod liver oil. The Springsteen was there; the best music of the last twenty years was decidedly not. I liked The Killers’ first album a lot, but this was crap.

So then I pretty much forgot about it. There was a lot of promotion around the album but it didn’t seem to go anywhere at first. It had “sophomore jinx” written all over it. Then slowly, like a stealth ninja, “When We Were Young” kept finding its way into my ears. On the radio in my car or at the mall - I wouldn’t say it was ubiquitous, but I couldn’t seem to escape it. I’d hear it and click my tongue in disdain, but then after a few more listens, I found myself humming the idiotic yet catchy lyrics. “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus / But he talks like a gentleman.” Indeed.

Yesterday, it passed the ultimate test. I was driving to a press conference, running late, flush with adrenaline, and it came on the radio. Bombing down The 5, I found myself really happy that song was accompanying me. And if a song makes you want to drive fast on the freeway and it puts a smile on your face even when you’re stressed, sorry, but you like that song.

So now I don’t know what to think. Is it a guilty pleasure? Am I just finally coming around to the genius Brandon Flowers warned me about? Are there more songs I once hated that I should now give a second spin? Did I really just write 400 words on a questionable Killers song? It’s all so confusing.

Kind of like when you, werrrree YOUUUUNNG!!!!!!


Red said...

I love that song on that album for sure. It took me awhile to like it, too. Maybe it has a time release likability or something...

Dave H said...

Brandon Flowers still owes me $12.99 for that sucky album.

Garney said...

The best part is the chord descension that's a direct ripoff of Born To Run.