Monday, April 6, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's Opening Day! For baseball fans, everything is right with the world today: The air is full of anticipation and everybody is undefeated. Anything is possible on Opening Day.

(And yes, I'm aware the season technically opened last night on ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball. I choose to ignore that unless my team is involved).

A few games have already been cancelled due to weather (Snow in Chicago? Yikes!) but that's OK. Those teams get to have Opening Day tomorrow. It's like two Christmas mornings in a row!

Good luck this year to the two teams most important to this blog, the Padres and Red Sox. And to all our readers' teams (except when they're coming up against our teams, natch). May the spirit of Opening Day keep you and sustain you through the grueling 162 game schedule. It's a marathon, not a sprint, etc. etc.


red said...

Even though I have little to no FAITH in the Padres this year (word play!), I'm still pretty jazzed for baseball season.

MLB Network is now officially the channel-always-on-when-I'm-not-really-watching-TV. Catch the fever!...or something.

K and/or K said...

FINALLY...the off season is OVER! Go Twins!

words words words said...

Only the Phillies could manage to lose before Opening Day. I miss 2008.

I will have to check out the MLB Network. I enjoy the NFL Network and the NHL Network, so I'm sure I will enjoy this too.

Garney said...

I have a good feeling for my fantasy team the Freebasers (three Red Sox players, no Padres... I may be a San Diego fan, but I play to win).

Del-V said...

The Orioles are off to a great start.