Monday, April 20, 2009

Top 5: New TV Characters

So, I'm all about lists lately. What are you gonna do about it? Here are my favorite new TV characters (i.e. those who appear on a show that debuted in 2009 or are a new addition to a show in 2009):

1. Precious Ramotswe No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency (HBO) - Jill Scott is amazing as the lead in this new HBO series, based on the novels of the same name. As Botswana's first lady detective, Precious is tough, charming and totally comfortable in her own skin. One of my new favorite shows.

2. Trevor Pierce Cupid (ABC) - Cupid originally debuted in 1998 and starred Jeremy Piven. In the 2009 reboot, Bobby Cannavale who's been on my crush radar since The Station Agent, plays the god of love, sent to earth by the gods of Olympus to make 100 true love matches. They show is cute, but Bobby makes it "must see." Even if Samantha claims he has funky spunk, I feel an obsession coming on!

3. Coach Survivor (CBS) - Survivor, in it's, like, 20th season, has seen it's fair share of whack jobs, but Coach takes the effing cake. He calls himself the "Dragon Slayer," hates women and proclaims himself the mastermind of just about everything...without ever performing well in challenges or the social game. This week, he told his tribe mates he was kidnapped by small Peruvians while kayaking down the Amazon and beaten until nearly dead before making a daring escape back down the river. I've known some story tellers in my day, but no one out does Coach. Just, fascinating.

4. Charles Miner The Office (NBC) - Things have been shaken up in the Dunder-Mifflin world and it's yielded some of the funniest episodes of the season. Idris Elba (RIP Stringer Bell!) is awesome as the anti-Micheal...he respects Dwight, thinks Jim is a slacker and makes Stanley put down his damn crossword puzzles. Basically, he's actually the World's Best Boss.

5. Adelle DeWitt Dollhouse (Fox) - Eliza Dushku be damned, I love Dollhouse. Olivia Williams is perfection as the British head of the house. She's witty and powerful and not afraid to send your ass to the attic if you step out of line.

How about you? Any new shows/characters you're loving at the moment?


MichelleSG said...

Oh Doll house, I don't like Elisha eitehr, not even in Buffy but damn, I love Dollhouse.

Andra said...

Saw the premiere on "Sit Down, Shut Up", and I must say, it was pretty amusing. Also, while not NEARLY as good as The Office, but along those same lines and still amusing, Parks and Recreation is worth a try.

BeckEye said...

I am so sad...for some reason I have missed the last several episodes of The Office.

words...words...words... said...

I don't watch any of these shows except The Office, but I like Charles. I can't figure out where that character is going. For a minute I expected him to be the kind of "at first looks normal but then turns out to be crazy" character that Holly was. But that's not going to happen.

I don't think I watch enough shows. The only new character I can think of that I'm really liking is Scott Bakula as Chuck's dad on Chuck. I love Jeffrey Weinerslav, but he's a one shot deal on 30 Rock. Plus I just like saying "Weinerslav".

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I recently watched UK zombie horror series Dead Set, and that was excellent. Highly recommended, if you can get hold of it over here.

As far as characters go, the one played by Kevin Eldon (who is a British comedy legend, having been in Spaced, Jam and Big Train) is my favourite. The series is written by Charlie Brooker, the journalist that I most aspire to be.

Oh, and you're right about Coach. He's an absolute mental.

red said...

WWW: I love Scott Bakula! Now I sorta wish I watched Chuck.

TIR: Brits and zombies are two of my favorite things! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Netflix has it. Boo.

Garney said...

My favorite new character is definitely Saul on Breaking Bad, the lawyer played to sleazy perfection by Bob Odenkirk... but I think he didn't show up until after you posted this.

I wasn't expecting to like Sit Down Shut Up, but it does have some great laughs. Even if the show really isn't that great.

And the best part of Parks and Recreation is Loudon Wainwright.