Monday, April 27, 2009

Perhaps I am Easily Amused

So, The Mole sent us a link to a website yesterday called texts from last night where presumably real people submit texts sent before/during/after their drunken escapades (another in the long list of Why Didn't We Think of That blogs). Some highlights:


(510): So drunk, too bad you don't want this

(323): i don't know her name but she is cooking me brkfst then helpin me find my car.
(818): she hot?
(323): i don't wanna talk about it

(610): please tell me I'm in your upstairs bedroom. Just google mapped myself and I have no idea where I am.

(703): Its not drinking alone if you got Tiger on the Wii.

(513): I stayed in, ate a pint of Hagen daas and watched a movie about aids. Soooooooo single.

(405): Yeah, i think she was German or something.
(1-405): No dude, she's just got a speech impediment.

You can submit your own on the website. I know I've had a few weekends that could fill the entire site with hilarity. Or at least a few moderately funny posts. Okay, fine. Not funny at all. Who asked you anyway?!

*the numbers in parenthesis are the area codes from which the texts were sent


Andra said...

My favorite one:

(508): you didnt say anything until i brought it up today. i guess i misjudged your maturity.
(978): I guess I misjudged your gender.

I hope that never comes even close to something that would appear in a text message of mine! Thanks for sharing Red! Very funny!:)

MichelleSG said...

I love this site. I have never been drunk before so it's even more hilarious to me. Did you know Darius Rucker has a song that basically says if I'm drunk enough to take away my keys please go ahead and take my cell phone too. Something about waking with a hangover and his ex in bed next to him. Classic. Being the main dd in my group of friends makes me really appreciate this stuff!

blah said...

This site is spectacular. Thanks for bringing attention to this site. By the way, was eliting it up this past weekend with an independent film festival. I caught this British comedy about the runup of a theoretical war with a Middle Eastern country. I think I wet my knickers watching it. It's called In the Loop and will be released in the US in July. Be warned, there is a lot of swearing in the movie, to the point where I'm surprised they were able to cut a trailer. Here's the link to the trailer: