Monday, August 11, 2008

High Crimes and Misnomers: Update

In case you were wondering:

I told you last week about about the bizarre story of a mystery man in Boston who kidnapped his daughter and apparently had no past. Well, authorities are just about positive that he is a German guy who came to the US as a teenager and never left.

He went from Connecticute, to Wisconsin (where he married for a green card) to California (where he may have killed two people) back to Connecticut, and finally up to Boston.

Meanwhile, he's in jail and his high-society friends keep trying to bring him tea and stuff. Priceless.

I'm sure the movie is on its way.


Red said...

Those crazy Germans.

Anonymous said...

Movie guaranteed to star Leonardo DiCaprio.

ginger b said...

God, this story is so good though!

pistols at dawn said...

The fact that all these dudes have multiple body counts makes me wonder how many more are out there.

Besides me, of course.