Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not cool, China. Not cool at all.

In the spirit of the Olympic Games, I've been trying to give China the benefit of the doubt. Maybe that is fog, rather than smog. Maybe Tibet is full of ruthless criminals who deserve to be kept down. I mean what do I know, right?

But this? This is just taking it too far.

Turns out, China held a contest to decide which little kid would sing a song in the opening ceremony. They chose a little girl with a great voice, but then decided she wasn't cute enough, so they had another, "cuter" girl lip sync the lyrics. I think I speak for females everywhere when I say, without the use of editing asterisks: Fuck you, China!

Thanks to Yahoo, we can see both girls side by side (below), and see that the original singer girl is absolutely adorable. Note to the human rights violating, free speech denying, Panda eating thugs who rule China: buck teeth are cute on little kids. And even if they weren't, you're still dicks for pulling this kind of caper.

Boo, China. Booooooo!

The face, and the voice. Or as I like to call them, The Mean Girl, and The Relatable One


Falwless said...

YOU SAID IT. Poobomber first pointed me to this news story, but I hadn't seen the picture of the girls side by side. I cannot effing believe this. Seriously. What in god's name did they find wrong with that adorable little sweetheart who won the competition? I hate you, China. Burn in hell. Seriously.

Red said...

Good to know places like China are not immune to making little girls feel bad about themselves. Imagine a country where girls grew up with self esteem, thinking they were pretty *shudder*

Anonymous said...

God I hate Chinese government.

I guess at least they're making progress as a nation and not dumping female babies in rivers any more - or as much.

I don't have high hopes for the nation getting over eating puppies though. Not anytime soon.

Jeeze I hate the Chinese nation lately.

Jon said...

I guess the only place for little girls to get a taste of yellow justice is at R. Kelly's house.

words words words said...

Wow, and this on top of the Chinese forging passports so that their 12-year-old gymnasts suddenly become 16 to meet the age requirement. Oh, and giving journalists a hard time for simply having Tiananmen Square in their shot during the Olympics.

I've never felt so glad to be American. I hope we whup their totalitarian ass up good.

Liz said...

Amazing, Jon

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Jon's comment was soooo wrong on about 35 different levels!

(We all know it's HOTEL ROOMS, Jon.)

pistols at dawn said...

In China's defense, that girl's teeth are subpar. Also, the entire thing was an homage to C & C Music Factory doing the same thing in their "Everybody Dance Now" video with a fake Zelma Davis.

BeckEye said...

China sucks. And that includes fine china, China Girl, and Chynna Phillips.

Red said...

I sooo want the Chinese gymnastics team to get busted on the age thing and be stripped of their medals. Not because our girls deserved it more, but because I'm an oldest child and VERY big on following the rules. Cheaters shouldn't get gold medals.

I'm not entirely sure it's possible to believe girls exist in China, though, let alone that they're lying about their age.