Friday, August 15, 2008

Top 5: Olympic Crushes

Red doesn't have the market cornered on random crushes. As you may have noticed, I'm a little obsessed with the Olympics (it goes back to kindergarden, long story), and a few of the athletes have caught my eye for more than competetive skills. Here's a few favs:

Matt Emmons (above) - Hey baby, why don't you try hitting my target? (Ba dum, ching!) From one of the more random sports at the Olympiad, Matt Emmons is a shooter who's won gold before and is trying again. Sorry ladies, he's married, but in adorable fashion: After a tough loss in Athens in 2004, a female Czech shooter came up to him a bar to offer condolensces, and the two eventually got hitched.

Muzaffer Bahram (right) - I've kind of gotten into Olympic boxing. It's what I wish regular boxing was like. You know, exciting. While watching a match to cheer on an Irish boxer Thursday night, I found myself more than slightly distracted by his opponent, Turkish boxer Bahram. I kind of wish he was in a different sport though; you don't want international upercuts ruining that pretty face, Muzaffer!

Lin Dan - Apparently Dan is the "John McEnroe of badminton," which is just awesome. In a sport most Americans only play at barbecues but which Asians take as seriously as the Super Bowl, Lin Dan is a bad boy and a heart throb. His face is a little angular for my taste, but let's be honest: Anyone who can serve a shuttlecock at 200 mph and threatens opponents with his racket is hottt.

Nastia Liukin - Something for you lads still reading this. Though I myself developed a full-on girl crush watching Liukin do the uneven bars during the women's team final. I know I'm supposed to prefer All American Girl Shawn Johnson, but Russian-born Liukin carries herself with a kind of rock star swagger that I can't help but love. Eyes of the freakin' tiger, man.

Michael Phelps - Come on, you honestly thought we were getting through an Olympic post without a mention of Michael Phelps? Yes, its obvious and yes, he has Eli Manning's nose, but as Falwless once said, "That body just doesn't quit." And there are few things sexier than a living legend. I almost always root for the underdog, but - like with Tiger Woods - I'm always cheering for Phelps because I'm seeing history through him. History, and abs. Rrr'ar!


Red said...

Nice list! That Matt Emmons is really cute. I'd add swimmer Matt Grevers, but mainly just for his incredible 6'8" body. Mmmm. Yes please.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

The other important thing about Liukin is she doesn't fall down.

Wait, maybe that's a bad thing...

words words words said...

I'm going to have to do an all-time list because I don't know that I've crushed on enough people from this particular Olympics.

1. Janet Evans (Swimming, USA) You never forget your first.

2. Jamie Sale (Figure skating, Canada) Those cheating Russians couldn't keep her down!

3. Kerri Walsh (Beach volleyball, USA) She's the exact opposite of my type. But she just does it for me.

4. Jill Trenary (Figure skating, USA) Yeah, I know nobody else has ever heard of her. But that just means I get her all to myself.

5. Cammi Granato (Ice hockey, USA) She plays hockey. That means she's 90% of the way there to begin with. There were prettier women on the team, but none had her effortless desire to destroy everyone.

BONUS: Dara Torres (Swimming, USA) She's 41, a mom, won a medal, and has like a 16-pack. She is AWESOME.

Falwless said...

I love the post tag about Red's mom. Hahahaha.

These are frickin' excellent choices, lady. Excellent indeed.

I don't care what anyone says about Phelps' jacked-up mouth or face, I personally think he's damn sexy.

pistols at dawn said...

Yeah...this still isn't helping me want to watch the Olympics.

BeckEye said...

I'd take Ryan Lochte over Michael Phelps any day.

Usually you can find some hotties on the football teams. I might actually have to start watching for some of that. Historically, the Italian team has had some fine specimens. But I'm looking forward to seeing who's on the US and Aussie teams too.

Dr Zibbs said...

No volleyball players?

Liz said...

This probably makes no sense, but volleyball just seems really 80s to me.

Anonymous said...

Shawn johnson is cute, but built like a future bodybuilder after she retires from gymnastics.

nastia Liukin is adorable, hot, beautiful and has legs that don't quit!