Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The world will miss Dick Cheese

In case you haven't heard, the most awesome lounge-style cover artist, Richard Cheese, is retiring sometime in 2009. His farewell tour will be starting up again, but fuck, only one more album (OK Bartender, lol)? Anyways, you readers that know I'm all about the gratuitious use of youtube clips here, so here's "one for the ladies" :


Red said...

What will Lounge Against the Machine do without him?

Falwless said...

I love Dave.

BeckEye said...


Mother fuck, that's awful.

I just mentioned Richard Cheese to someone the other day and I think they thought I was making the name up.

OK Bartender. That is brilliance.

At least we still have Weird Al. The day he retires will be a sad one, indeed.

Dave H said...

Hehe, isn't it sad?

You only love me because I swear a lot.

Garney said...

I saw him open a 91X Frosty the Showman at 4th & B several years ago. Funny guy.