Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to us!

Ahh the first anniversary. A time for roses, a candlelit dinner, and you whispering sweet nothings onto our comment boards. A year ago today, Red and I (with the occasional help from Dave and Garney) set upon the journey of creating a blog. We knew that the world had a hole only our clever observations on pop culture and current events could fill. And we knew that giving it a confusing, nonsensical name was the best way to package those observations.

I was supposed to give you my Top 5 favorite posts yesterday, but I was too busy destroying Dave. So, with apologies to some amazing pictures of Steve Guttenberg, Red's copious Top 5s and one really funny comment section, here's my list.

4) Another one that I just love the headline. And I had to give Dave some love after rick rolling him to death.

3) Scarfing down a controversy. Those corgi puppies are still my candle in the dark.

2) State of the Gingers . Where did Red find that picture?

1) Who is your celebrity twin? This post seems like standard fare for our site, and I guess it is, but its sort of like the pinnacle of our standard fare. This is what GitW is all about (is that sad?) - a goofy, personal take on the parade of images we can't escape nowadays. And you all seemed to agree, as this thing got a whopping 21 comments!

Thanks to all you guys for reading our nonsense and taking part in the fun. Here's to (at least) one more year!


pistols at dawn said...

Congrats to the lot of you. Now make sure you treat yourselves right: take yourselves out for drive-through and do it twice.

Dr Zibbs said...

Congrats. Please save me some cake and Bubble Up cola.

words words words said...

Happy Anniversary! I like this blog so much I want to take it behind the bleachers and get it pregnant.

Falwless said...

Gorgeous. Truly. I still love that State of the Gingers post. That was good shit.

I like this blog so much I want to take it behind the bleachers and get it pregnant with twins.

sid said...

Congrats. First time reading your blog tho