Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 Random Hugs for the Gingers

I remember a year ago when Red was starting this blog and asked me for suggestions on what to call it and I submitted Pop Cult Sure. For some reason she went with Gingers is the Watchword. At first I thought it was Ginger Sis the Watchword and I was reluctant to accept her invitation to contribute because I had neither red hair nor a vagina. She cleared things up for me though and I figured it would be okay to contribute as I had once worn a red haired wig for Halloween at the age of four when I was forced to be Raggedy Andy since my older sister (Daddy's favorite) wanted to be Raggedy Anne.

So now for the one year anniversary taking place this Friday, all the contributors have been invited to list five personal favorites. However, since none of the entries are really that great I hesitate to use the term "favorite" so instead I have selected five random ones that weren't so bad.

1. What Are Your Pop-Culture Deal Breakers? (May 15, 2008) This is a perfect example of the kind of lunacy that goes on here at Gingers. Red blogs about her "pop-culture" hangups that must be met in a potential mate (with a questionable use of a hyphen). It seems crazy until you think about it and realize she's onto something (about the pop culture criteria; not the hyphen).

2. Gingers are Freaking Funny (January 8, 2008) I'm surprised at how many times I send Red a video link and then find it as an entry here on Gingers. This is one of the rare times I don't get a shoutout for sharing. Still, it serves as a great example of one of the great entries that is simply a one-line intro for a great clip that speaks for itself. If you didn't get a chance to see the clip you can watch it here since the original video is no longer active.

3. Be True to Your School (May 7, 2008) I had to include this entry from Red because of the national attention it received when it topped some kind of list of compatible blogs at the bottom of a report on the same subject for CNN.com. The cocaine factor is an added bonus for this recovering addict. Ah, sweet sweet cocaine.

4. Reel Resurrection: Empire of the Sun (May 12, 2008) I love the Reel Resurrection entries here at Gingers and not just because it ends with erection. Though I don't agree with every title that is highlighted in the series (I pause to reference a great quote from a recent minisode of Rescue Me: In the past 25 years you are the only person in the English-speaking world to use the word "Clue" "good" and "movie" in that exact order.) I have to give Liz kudos for selecting an underappreciated gem like Empire of the Sun.

5. This (mostly) Just In... (May 14, 2008) Another mainstay of the Gingers universe, it's always reassuring to read these entries by Red and be reminded that I am not the only one who wastes their time thinking about things that ultimately don't matter. This particular installment was noteworthy because it was particularly more gay than usual. And by gay I mean in the style of the flaming homosexual male that seems to mold this little blog family we share here at Gingers.

So there you have it, Gingers. Apparently May was a good month. Here's a birthday hug for you:


Red said...

As Mathdude will tell you, there's nothing I love more than people making fun of me in blog posts. Thank you, sir. This post is truly hilarious.

BeckEye said...

I do so love the pop culture deal breakers.

And I probably should've named my news shorts posts something simpler like "This Just In" instead of "Eye Boogers." Then I wouldn't have 500 hits a week from people who are feverishly searching the Internet trying to figure out how to get the goop out of their own, their baby's, or their dog's eyes.

Liz said...

I stand by liking Clue, Garney! Thanks for calling us "(not) so bad." That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me.

words words words said...

I may have to steal the "Pop Culture Dealbreakers" for an entry. I may even give credit where credit is due!

pistols at dawn said...

Sadly, I almost never know a single thing Red mentions in her "This Just In" thing...but maybe that's not sad at all. Maybe Red's a fierce muckraking journalist. Let's go with that interpretation.

Also, "Clue" is a damn fine movie, partially because Lee Ving from the punk band FEAR is in it, and partially because it's got some great comedic timing. "I am your singing telegram" is a shining example of this.

And after re-reading "High Fidelity," I'm unsure about pop culture dealbreakers being as important as seeing members of the opposite sex naked.