Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top 5: Weird Celebrity Crushes

1. Bob Costas - One of my absolute favorite parts of the Olympics on NBC is sharing my evenings with Bob. I'm not kidding. I love Bob Costas. His Costas Now specials on HBO are brilliant and he really should be commissioner of baseball. Sure, he's about a foot shorter than me, but whatever. I see past such superficial things.

2. Alex Trebek - Yes, I know he reads the Jeopardy answers off cue cards, but he's still effing brilliant (he doesn't fake all those other languages, does he? No, he doesn't). Plus, he's Canadian which gives him that dreamy foreignnesses. Oh, Alex. How I long for the day when I can look longingly in your eyes and say, "I'll take Shakespeare Quotables for $1000." *sigh*

3. Peter Jennings - Speaking of Canadians, I've always had a crush on Peter, the greatest news anchorman since Walter Cronkite. Sadly, Peter is no longer of this world, but I still love him. Is that weird? (she asks, after admitting she has a crush on Peter Jennings)

4. Dr. Drew Pinsky - Growing up on a steady dose of Loveline, I've always admired Dr. Drew and his ability to tell it to ya straight. His luster is waining with all his forays into crappy reality television, but for now, he's still crushworthy.

5. Greg Maddux - Shocker! It's a baseball player. Greg Maddux joining the San Diego Padres was, seriously, a highlight of my Padres loving life. I fell for Greg (this is starting to sound like a wedding announcement) when he helped the Atlanta Braves win about a million championships in the 90's. Then he came to San Diego and, at 42, still strikes out more guys than the average bear. I actually wished the Padres would trade him to a contender this year...that's how much I love the guy.

There you have it. Now, you can all stop being shocked when I come by and tell you how dreamy Bob Costas'll just know I have super weird taste in men.


Falwless said...

Oh god. I love this list. I love it. Dr. Drew? SEXXXXXYYYY. Maaaan. And I google-image-searched Mr. Maddux. Not bad at all, Red, not bad at all.

Here are some of mine:

- Stephen Colbert
- Conan O'Brien
- Craig Ferguson
- Kevin Spacey
- Dr. Drew Pinsky (seriously, warrants mentioning again, daaamn)
- Adam Corolla (hey, let's just add everyone from Loveline)
- Barack Obama
- David Sedaris (so what if he's gay!)
- Jeremy Piven (okay, so not so weird, c'mon, guy is smokin' hottt)

Liz said...

I totally get Peter Jennings. I was crushed when he died. ABC was the only station that came in clear in my cable-less college dorm room, and he got me through 9/11

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I less-than-three Greg Maddux, as well, but that's because I'm a Cubs fan.

Alex Trebeck is short, from what I hear. It could all be rumors. I won't be so brash as to claim all of my info is solid.

words words words said...

Alex Trebek is always so smug with his answer cards and the way he reads the correct answer like he knew it all along! I am so waiting for the day where he PLAYS Jeopardy! How has this not happened yet?

Also, Maddux only has one championship because the wussy Braves wilt like lettuce in the playoffs. Still, probably the best pitcher of my lifetime. (Yes, that includes you, Rocket.)

pistols at dawn said...

Wow, I should really start picking up weird pseudo-celeb crushes, because I can't think of a single female equivalent in my hope chest. It's not really impressive to say, "That Jennifer Connelly is a mighty fine looking lady," that's all I'm saying.

McGone said...

I gotta think that Costas hears this all the time. That smug bastard, with his hand in his pocket and casual baseball-tossing...

Dr Zibbs said...

Trebek is a big ole' dummy.

MelO said...

You know... I never paid much attention to Costas but, damn. He's really not bad!

Ok, fine! He's hot ;-P

BeckEye said...

Hey, Dr. Drew is not weird. I'd do him, while I was high or not.

I used to dig Greg Maddux back when I used to dig baseball and he played for the Cubs. Then he went to the Braves and he was my sworn enemy.

As for random pitcher crushes, mine was Mike Bielecki. He was rather Travolta-ish. Another who went from the Cubs to the Braves. Booooo. He played for the Pirates for a while. Not long enough for us to meet and get married, though. It's okay though because I couldn't go through life as Becky Bielecki.

Put that right down the middle, sweet thing. Mmmm hmm. Yum.

The Guv'ner said...

Greg Maddux was the first baseball player I ever thought "Hmmmm. hot." I mean he played for the Braves so I kept it to myself because that'd be like admitting your love for Satan.

Your love of commentators and news readers however, is scary, Red. Although Bob Costas is kind of funny sometimes. I like funny!

Red said...

Fal: Adam Carolla is the only one on your list I would say is kinda weird. And Jeremy Piven is totally smokin' hot.

Liz: Oh, Peter. Gone too soon.

mjenks: Less-than-three? You are so emo.

www: Why do you have to come here and correct my facts, Factchecker McFactypants?

Pistols: You know you have a weird crush on, like, Cameryn Manheim or something. Don't lie.

McGone: Don't be jealous of Costas' super cool baseball tossing ways. I'm sure you are cool, too. Just not as cool as Costas.

Dr. Z: And you, sir, are hilarious.

Melo: Thank you! Glad someone is with me on this!

Becks: Becky Bielecki would be the raddest name ever! You definitely missed the boat there, sister.

Guv: I'm glad I'm not alone in my love for The Maddux. And I do love news readers. They know things! Like the news!

Falwless said...

I forgot someone. Brian Williams. As I watched the news last night I thought, "I must add him!" He's pretty damn hot.

tkf said...

I'd probably sleep with Dr. Drew.