Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's a wonderful night for Oscar Oscar

Be sure and tune in to tonight's Oscar Oscar program on Blog Talk Radio as Red will be joining our panel from last year (in which I was the only one to correctly predict every major award). And once again I will be performing my own Billy Crystal style song parody medley at the start of the broadcast, plus another special number immediately preceding our discussion of Best Director ("Oh Danny Boyle").

It all starts at 10 pm eastern right here.

There's online chat that you can participate in during the broadcast, and if time permits we will be taking calls right before we get to our final discussion of Best Picture.

If you're unable to listen live tonight, you can use the same link to listen to the archived recording of the broadcast starting tomorrow.


red said...

You can finally hear my lovely speaking voice over the interwebs like you've always dreamed!!!

words words words said...

This is Must-See Radio.

Liz said...

I will sadly have to listen to it tomorrow I think. It appears I've grown a social life.

Malcolm said...

Damn it, I wanted to listen live so that I could participate. Oh well, I'll check out the archive this weekend.