Monday, February 2, 2009

The Star Spangled Morning After

What with the chicken wings and the spare ribs and the 11 different kinds of beer at the Super Bowl party I went to yesterday, a lot of crazy things got said. I hopped on the 6:00 train to Nutsville when I said Jennifer Hudson's singing of the national anthem was the best one yet, and probably better than Whitney Houston's classic in 1991.

This morning I decided to see how right I was. As they say in football, I went to the tape. Naturally, I was wrong: While Jennifer Hudson's was great, and especially poignant after her family tragedy last year, Whitney's is just insanely good. I don't think it'll ever be topped. Here, compare and contrast yourselves with a little patriot music on this belt-loosening Ground Hog Day.



And of course, the best part of this year's Super Bowl (for everyone outside the greater Pittsburg metro-region):


Dr Zibbs said...

Yeah she was great. And pretty good Bruce appearance too.

red said...

We all know I love Bruce more than my life, but after killing it at halftime, i love him even more...if that's possible.

After re-listening to both SSB performances, I dunno if Whit is better. JHud is pretty effing phenomenal. Plus, Whitney was lip-syncing and JHud is live. I think JHud takes my vote.

words words words said...

Bruce was fantastic. And I was watching with three people who said that his performance made them want to go to sleep. I don't know if I can continue being friends with people that are obviously so misguided.

Andra said...

Three things:
-Things DO get better with age and if I can do half of what Bruce did last night when I'm 60, I'm good!
-Whitney will ALWAYS reign supreme and
-WAAAA! Football is OVER!

d said...

Um. Brucey's camera d*ck slap was my fave part of the entire game.

BeckEye said...

Metro region, schmetro region. Why do you think they call us Steeler NATION, baby???


Okay, the game was 3 days ago, I really need to stop.