Monday, February 9, 2009

This (sort of) Just In

Usually Red writes this feature, but she's MIA right now, and we haven't posted anything since Thursday so dammit someone had to step up to the plate. Let me tell you what I know:

By MIA I mean Red is "missing in action," not "pregnant and performing with Kanye and 'Lil Wayne."

The Grammys were last night. I once went on at length about why the Grammys suck, and none of that's really changed. (Though Dave* disagreed with me). The big news last night was that Chris Brown and Rihanna both cancelled their performances and it's rumored that Brown beat up everyone's favorite Umbrella-ella-ella girl early Sunday morning. If these rumors are true, here's hoping she's OK, and he gets what's coming to him. (Namely, shower rapes).

The new cast of Dancing with the Stars was announced. Are Jewel and David Alan Grier's careers really going that badly?

It's been (kind of) raining in San Diego for 5 straight days! This is huge people. I'd start gathering your apocolypse survival kits if I were you.

A-Rod did steroids. And baseball fans everywhere said, "Didn't we already know that? It feels like we already knew that."

"He's Just not that into You" sucks. Red saw it over the weekend and told me it was awful. That didn't stop it from being the highest grossing film of the weekend, but that's probably because its a slim field right now.

* This was originally reported as Red's defense of the Grammys. Gingers is the Watchword regrets this error.


Dr Zibbs said...

I can't believe that movie is #1.

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Belinda Carlisle in DwtS? Mmm, this year's Jane Seymour...

Actually, I think she's one of three or four people I've actually heard of in that list. Barrel: scraped.

BeckEye said...

I hate the Grammys and refused to watch.

HJNTIY looks awful, but Bradley Cooper is in it, which is worth at least one viewing.

Garney said...

I work at a gospel radio network based out of Chris Brown's hometown and one of our announcers said that the rumor he heard from people in the know is that Chris Brown was angry about Rihanna giving him the clap.

So maybe he already got what he deserves.

red said...

For the record, Dave wrote that post about the Grammys not sucking. I think they are totally lame.

I'm here! I'm planning a "review" of HJNTIY for tomorrow or whenever I get around to it.

Liz said...

My bad, Red! Will correct.

Garney: God I hope that's true.

words words words said...

The Grammys always suck (the actual awards that is, I usually watch for the performances) but they topped themselves with Coldplay winning Best Rock Album. Seriously? Even putting aside that Coldplay totally sucks..."Rock"? That's like giving Danny DeVito an award for Most Ripped Abs.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Well, that cinches it. Time to bust out the "Missing Redhead Rescue Squad Gear".

Yeah, sure, she "posted" a "comment" in the "section". I still am pretty sure she's going to need mouth-to-mouth. Or something.

*dashes off*

Dave H said...

Haha, thanks Red, I do remember that post.

So I missed them this year, did Steely Dan win again?

Dave H said...

If I hear the Lil Wayne "Milli Milli" song one more time I'm going to go Bill Foster on the entire recording industry.

Grant Miller said...

Jewel's career is even worse than David Allen Greier's, I think.