Friday, December 21, 2007

Naughty is the New Nice

My co-worker just gave me an xmas card with a $20 Starbucks card. Now I feel like a jerk because the only thing I've given her this year is the privilege of seeing my lovely face everyday (and really, isn't that enough?). Anyway, it got me thinking...maybe there are other people who want to get me presents that won't be reciprocated. If you are one of those people, here's a list (with pictures, no less) of what I'd like:

Mercedes McLaren - C'mon! It's only, like, $500,000. (Wow. I'm actually blown away by how expensive this is. I took a guess at the price before looking it up on Wikipedia and I was about $400,000 short. Who pays that much for a car? Someone who loves me, that's who).

A Castle in Ireland - But, I'll settle for a month long trip if you're too cheap to spring for the whole thing.

John Krasinski - Because what I need most is the gift of love.

If you can make any of this happen, that would be great. Thanks.


Nathaniel said...

Well Paris did get her DUI in the Mercedes Mclaren

Falwless said...

Done, done and done. Except for the whole "done, done and done" part.

Merry Christmas!