Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's death got to do with it?

Ike Turner, who wrote some great musical hooks and threw a mean left one, has reportedly died today.

Turner was one of the original architects of rock 'n roll, but he's probably best remembered as the coked up monster who beat former wife Tina Turner. He denies that he did any of that, but no one believes him.

Apparently he'd working to fix his legacy lately, touring and recording some award winning blues records. (He'd also been living in San Marcos! Who knew?)

Anyway, rest in peace Ike. I guess. You know what, scratch that - let Tina be the one to finally rest in peace.


Red said...

I was so shocked he lived in the SD area. Maybe I saw him around and didn't recognize him because he doesn't look like Larry Fishburne.

Garney said...

I met him while I was working at the Union-Tribune. Big smile and big sunglasses.