Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Top 10: TV Shows of 2007

Oh, how I love year end top ten lists. So subjective, yet so definitive (I mean, if you disagree with my picks, you are obviously wrong). Here now, I present the top 10 television shows of 2007:

1. 30 Rock - Funniest show on television. Period. From Kenneth and Tracy to Jack and Liz, every relationship is hilarious and insane...just like real life! (BTW...did any one watch the Clash of the Choirs finale? For some crazy reason, NBC decided to have Tracy Morgan announce the winner of the competition. It was so funny I almost peed myself. It was like Liz Lemon begged someone to let Tracy appear to boost his never ending ego. Funniest moment of the holiday season).

2. Life on Mars - This show appeared on the BBC earlier this year and is now playing on BBC America. It's the story of Detective Inspector Sam Tyler (I love the English and their funny titles) who has an accident in 2006 (this is the second, and final, season...which makes me very sad) and wakes in the 70's, not knowing if he's traveled through time, in a coma or dead. It's funny to see the sexism and human right violations the 70's cops practice (well, not funny ha-ha, but you know what I mean). Everything is wrapped up at the end of the season and it really is one of the best seasons of television I've ever seen.

3. The Sopranos - It was sad to say good-bye to one of my favorite families, even if they had some weak seasons along the way. Thank goodness they went out on a high note (insert Steve Perry joke here).

4. Pushing Daisies - By far, the best new show of the year. Nothing else on TV looks or feels anything like it. Here's to many more seasons to come.

5. Jekyll - Why do the Brits make better TV then we do (until we steal their ideas, of course)? I've told you about this show before and if you didn't take my advice and add it to your queue, you really should. You'll love it...I promise.

6. Big Love - This show was pretty great in season one, but this year, things really got crazy. From Bills "affair" to the shooting of Roman, this show has become a soap opera...and it's awesome. It even sparked a conversation between a friend and I that maybe polygamy isn't so bad (I mean, someone buys you a big ol' house, you only have to share a bed 2-3 nights a week and you get 2 other women to help you raise your kids...doesn't sound like such a bad deal to me).

7. The Office - Sure, it wasn't the strongest season, but there were still some real gems this year (and I'll take Michael and the crew over 90% of what's on TV any day). Jim is still my TV crush, Pam is still the girl I'd want to be best friends with, and the Michael/Jan storyline has made me laugh and almost cry more times then I can count. It will always be my Thursday night staple.

8. Damages - I realize I was one of 10 people who watched this show, but it was really good. Awesome performances and an intriguing story line (that included murder and insider stock trading and Glenn Close as the bitchiest character pretty much ever). FX is bringing it back for another season (probably next summer). Check it out...seriously.

9. Flight of the Conchords - The other funniest show on television. Bret and Jemaine are my new favorite characters. I would totally be their second fan (behind Mel, of course).

10. Extras - Ricky Gervais is a genius. After creating The Office, where he played the most awkward human on the planet, he now gets to play straight man to the hilarious Stephen Merchant and celebs willing to make fun of themselves. This season, he was mocked by David Bowie, hit on by Ian McKellen and nearly had his ass kicked by Gordon Ramsey...all while keeping the sweetest platonic relationship on TV with his best friend, Maggie.

So there you have it. Your turn...


Liz said...

You'll be happy to know I've added Jeckyll to my Netflix queue. Finally.

Garney said...

Damages was boring. I watched it and finally stopped with only three or four episodes remaining. FX usually has much better shows. And I'm not a fan of Big Love but I've only seen a few eps. Otherwise great pics.

Here are the best ones missing from your list:

1. Jericho
2. Andy Barker PI
3. Curb Your Enthusiasm
4. Journeyman
5. The Shield
6. The Riches
7. Life
8. Entourage
9. The Simpsons
10. Frisky Dingo

Red said...

You're crazy. Damages was great.

I do love numbers 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (obvs) from your list, though.

Garney said...

I forgot about Studio 60... that should be in there too.