Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Top 5: Breakup Songs

(I'm really into the top 5 lists right now. Not sure what that's about.)

Exactly one year ago, almost to the day, my boyfriend broke up with me (not that I can't get over it or anything). I was pretty heartbroken...more then I'd ever been before...and there were some songs I couldn't listen to for awhile (pretty much anything off the Born to Run album...and Rilo Kiley was kinda tough, too), but there were a few songs that helped me out, if you will, and they kinda became my breakup anthems.

1. Irreplaceable - Beyonce: This song coincided with my breakup pretty perfectly. It kinda became my girl power/screw him/you can do better/feel good song (not that I had someone to replace him with, but, you know, I imagined I did). Ahhh, Beyonce. It's like you know me, girl!

2. I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance: The 12-year-old Emo chick within loves this song. It's kinda harsh (I don't love you, like I did yesterday...ouch), but for some reason the tough truth helped.

3. Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac: This is probably my favorite breakup song of all time. It's great to drive fast on the freeway and sing at the top of your lungs. This song also, probably more then any of the others, is the most lyrically true to our relationship and break up. (I also love this song because Lindsay Buckingham wrote it about Stevie Nicks...who then had to sing backup on it. Such sweet revenge).

4. Gravity - Sara Bareilles: I don't even know what to say here because the lyrics say it all...

5. Breakin' Up - Rilo Kiley: A fun breakup song (which is what we all need, right?). This song was released probably six months after the breakup when I came back to reality and realized being single is so much more fun. Oooh, it feels good to be free indeed.


Garney said...

Did you just watch the 40 awesomely bad breakup songs on VH1 too?

If I were going to list 5 good ones:

1. Creep - Radiohead
2. Song for the Dumped - Ben Folds Five
3. Walk Away - Kelly Clarkson
4. Sewn - The Feeling
5. Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes or Gnarls Barkley

Liz said...

If you're looking to stare at the wall and wallow, some good ones are The Decemberists song The Enginge Driver, anything by Bright Eyes, almost anything by Aimee Mann, and of course almost anything by Rilo Kiley, unless of course you associate them with the person you broke up with. If you're looking to not wallow, Breakin' Up is great. Most upbeat break up song ever.

Red said...

I missed the 40 awesomely bad breakup songs! I love Song for the Dumped, but I associate that with another breakup (with Brad actually)...and I was the "bitch"

Garney said...

Did you actually have a black t-shirt of his?

Have you heard the version in Japanese? Or the slowed-down waltz version with the extended "you fucking whore" ending?

Red said...

I have heard the Japanese version, but I don't think I've heard the slow version. Where can I find that?

No black T-shirt, but he did buy me dinner before I dumped him oh his front porch...

Garney said...

first minute from a live show:

it's on a bonus DVD that comes with the extended rerelease of Whatever and Ever Amen.