Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Top 5: Guilty Pleasures

As I mentioned yesterday, I am a snob, so this confessional will be a bit difficult. I find myself enjoying things any self respecting 29 year-old with a college degree should really avoid at all costs, but I can't help it...these are my guilty pleasures:

1. The Spice Girls - I am so fascinated with their reunion tour. Ginger Spice was always my favorite in the 90's (duh), but I love that Posh has become the real superstar (as she's probably the least talented of the bunch (See ladies. It's very important to choose your mate wisely)). Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are their #1 fans and even Governor Schwarzenegger caught their show in LA (and I love that Becks is on tour with them, too), so I guess I'm in good/crazy company, but I still feel too old to be singing Stop! everywhere I go. I even set my DVR to record the Victoria Secret Fashion Show tonight, only to watch their performance. It's like I'm 18 all over again!

2. Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie - I loathe Fergie. I firmly believe My Humps is the worst song ever written in the history of the world...and yet, I find myself scanning the radio for this song. I love it...especially the chorus and the video with the delicious Milo Ventimiglia. I'm so ashamed, but I still really want to sing it at karaoke someday.

3. America's Next Top Model - I've become rather obsessed with this show over the past few seasons and this current season has been pretty awesome. From Heather, who has Aspergers, trying to control her social awkwardness, to Sarah, a "normal sized" girl who was eliminated because she lost weight, to Tyra being completely insane for 13 weeks, ANTM is one of the few shows I watch live. I love it...and hope Jenna kicks Chantal's vapid ass this week in the finale.

4. People.com - In a genius bit of cross promotion, People.com and EW.com display the other's headlines on their respective sites. So, when I visit EW.com 50 times a day, I am inevitably drawn to People's "headlines" and I click over to read all the celeb gossip. The best stories recently were, of course, J. Love Hewitt telling the media "A size 2 is not fat!" and J. Simp's friends saying Tony Romo is a great match for her (uh...sure). I hate that they suck me into the the gossip, but I just can't resist.

5. Now I Can Die In Peace by Bill Simmons - Bill Simmons writes about sports (and Pop Culture) for ESPN.com and ESPN: The Magazine. He's probably the most popular sports writer in the country, but, like his beloved New England teams, he is suffering from a major backlash (because we hate things that are too popular. We really are a weird species). His book is really fun and entertaining (even if it is all about the Red Sox), but I feel I should basically turn in my San Diego Sports Fan card for reading it.

So there it is. Some pretty embarrassing...some maybe not so much. Hey, at least I don't watch The Hills, right?


Garney said...

My guilty pleasures:

1. Barry Manilow (saw him in concert twice)
2. Star Wars (I only feel guilty because of how geeky I am about it... the only thing I'm geekier about is the Academy Awards)
3. Grand Theft Auto video game series (the time I've spent/wasted)
4. various G4 programming (MXC, Ninja Warrior)
5. porn (but not as much now)

Red said...

I love #5.

And Barry is becoming a guilty pleasure for me. He really is a fantastic songwriter. Guess there's another sign I am old...

Garney said...

Even though he didn't write I Write the Songs. One of the Beach Boys did.

Liz said...

I HATED the Spice Girls when they first came out. Now, for reasons I can't explain, I'm really glad they're back together. I'm somehow getting less cynical in my old age.

Carey said...

I'm with you on the Fergie video. I've loved Milo since he was Jess on Gilmore Girls. I was so shocked and delighted when he turned up in Heroes. But nothing could have been more pleasing than pulling up Fergie's video on YouTube and realizing who was in the video as her lover. Me, talking to my computer monitor: "Is that?!?? IS THAT WHO I??? OMG IS THAT JESS?!!??!?!?! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!"

As I bow my head in shame, here are my guilty pleasures:

* Shania Twain. Specifically her Up! album. Hardcore country pop, but an absolutely good time.
* That one N*Sync song from forever ago, "Bye Bye Bye." Yeah, I have no reason, I just like it. Sue me.
* The Hills and The Real World: Sydney. I'm 30 years old, shouldn't I have stopped watching this garbage by now?
* Dirty Dancing, Notting Hill, Beaches, Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, The Breakfast Club, any number of other schmaltzy movies I can't manage to skip past when surfing channels. They suck me in every time. I laugh, I cry, I love them.
* Chick Lit. Jane Green, Helen Fielding, Jennifer Weiner, Anna Maxted, Candace Bushnell, many many others. Though I read substantial books, I punctuate them with easy, light reads. Shhhh!

Red said...

Other then The Hill/Real World, I am with you on all you GPs.

As for Jess, I so wanted Rory to end up with him (remember when he invited her to NYC where he worked for the small publishing group?), but I guess Rory ending up alone was better in the end...

Dave H said...

Dear Garney,

Ninja Warrior=Awesome

Trying to get my landlord to install a Spider Wall.