Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trainwreck Watch - Amy Winehouse (Vol. II)

When someone like Britney Spears jumps aboard the Trainwreck Express and embarks on a public downward spiral for all the world to see, first it's kind of funny, then it's kind of sad, then it's kind of both and then it's really sad before finally it's just boring and no one cares anymore. But for some reason I feel differently about our dear friend Amy Winehouse.

It's a point of contention, but I for one think Amy has a lot of talent and I enjoy her records. I'd like to see her make more of them. I think she's making a valid contribution to the entertainment field, and not just giving 8-year-olds a disturbing role model and men from puberty to the nursing home a new addition to their spank banks.

So it pains me to hear that Amy is in reportedly in the clink. And she's been spotted wandering the streets in nothing but jeans, a bra and a look of distress. A lot of this trouble seems to stem from the fact that: (a) she's married to douchebag (albeit a dapper one) and (b) she often confuses drugs with oxygen. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel Camp Winehouse, because both of these things can be fixed! If we roll up our sleeves and put our backs into it, we can help Amy kick the douchebags and the doobies alike to the proverbial curb and get her back to where she belongs: writing and singing songs for my enjoyment.


Red said...

That may be the best pic I've ever seen of her hubby. Why are all the hot ones douchebags or gay or taken? Lame...

Falwless said...

I do have quite a bit of sympathy for these trainwrecks. Sure, I enjoy pointing and laughing as much as the next person, but then I think: holy crap, what if my troubles were gossip fodder and everyone considered it entertainment to hear about my latest bad decisions?

I'll gladly leave that whole "being famous" thing to, well, famous people. No sir, no thank you.