Thursday, January 24, 2008

Alert to Chuck Fans

Chuck Palahniuk's second long-awaited movie adaptation, Choke, recently debuted at Sundance. Some early reviews are out, and Fox Searchlight has already purchased this film for $5 million.

It's another dark opus delving into the world of sex addicts and theme park employees. Sam Rockwell stars as medical school dropout and con-artist Victor Mancini. A little disappointed that the first person narrative is not present throughout the film a la Fight Club, but whatever. I will still be shocked if this movie sucks.

Here's an interview with director Clark Gregg, along with a snippet from the film:

Have a great Thursday, and you can check Chuck's official website, "The Cult" for more news and updates.

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Red said...

Dude. That director dated Miranda on an episode of Sex and the City!