Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"San Diego was Da Bomb"

So quoth the eloquent Randy Jackson when discussing the seventh season of American Idol (which begins next Tuesday). I love when people give props to my hometown.

Here's my question, though: After a painful sixth season, several past winners losing record deals and even Kelly Clarkson struggling to sell records, is American Idol still a viable star maker? Or has it become like America's Next Top Model (where most of the contestants fail to have any modeling career let alone become "top" models. (I mean, the only ANTM winner who is still famous is Adrian Curry and she's famous for banging Peter Brady))? Seriously, is American Idol "done"? Or are you just as eager as ever for the train wrecks and talent?

Ben Mulroney hosts Canadian Idol. Isn't he a million times yummier then Seacrest?


Falwless said...

I am so very eager.

Last season sucked pretty badly, but I keep hearing Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Cowell and others being quoted as saying they know last season's talent was poor, and they realize that getting big name stars to mentor the Idols is not what they should be focusing on.

So, I have hope for this season. But, I'll reserve final judgment until the top 20 are finalized. You bet I'll be watching, though. DVR is set!

Falwless said...

BTW, Ben Mulroney? Holy crap. Yum.

Red said...

Right? And his dad was Prime Minister of Canada! So adorable...

CL-Meister said...

I've never been a "huge" AI fan. I do love watching and cringing at the tryouts, though. :o)

I think last season was not in the least bit entertaining.

I understand the platform and format are a little different this year. i will watch for that fact alone and then make a decision.