Tuesday, January 8, 2008

WriterGate 2007 - The Strike Continues

It's official...the Golden Globes telecast has been canceled and replaced with a one-hour press conference which will announce all the winners Sunday night. At first, I was kinda annoyed (I really love the GG. No real idea why. I think it's the clothes), but upon further refection, this is pretty great. We get all substance and no filler (no style either, but I guess I'll survive). Basically, we don't have to sit through 3 hours of lame jokes from second tier Hollywood stars. We can just hear all the winners in a nice, one hour time frame. I think I like this idea...

In other Strike news, I couldn't sleep last night and stayed up to watch the return of Jon Stewart and A Daily Show (Jon said it wasn't The Daily Show without the writers). It was kinda funny, but mostly not. Poor Jon. Please let him have his hilarious staff of writers back (I hear The Colbert Report was actually really funny, but I couldn't stay up that late to watch. I'm a grandma).

Finally, some people are excited about Leno and Kimmel appearing on each other's shows. I guess I would care too if I ever watched their shows, but I'm a Letterman/Conan girl myself (and really don't stay up late enough to watch Late Night TV anyway). I really just wish the strike would come to an end because, although I am happy to have lots of free time to catch up on Netflix and clear out the DVR, I am seriously jonesing for some new material for Jim Halpert and Liz Lemon.

Yes, Jim. I'm as fed up as you are.

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Liz said...

There were writers at CES earlier this weekend, handing out material at a media event. I guess they think that because we're journalists we're sort of their brethren. I think their demands are reasonable, but I do with they'd get back to work!