Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Current Obsession

We all have our favorite TV series which left us too soon (My top 5 are: My So-Called Life, Freaks and Geeks, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars and The Ben Stiller Show). I just started watching another which would totally be on the list, but thanks to some serious internet campaigning, has been given a second chance to find an audience this month.

Jericho is about a young guy (Skeet Ulrich, aka the poor man's Johnny Depp) who returns home to his small hometown in Kansas just before Denver (the nearest major city) is subject to a nuclear attack. The people of Jericho lose all radio and TV contact and are basically lost and uninformed, though
the new stranger in town knows way more then he lets on. Slowly, spotty information creeps in that other major cities around the US have been attacked as well. It's kinda like The Stand meets Lost...seriously suspenseful, with twists and unknowns every other minute. I'm loving it!

Not many people watched Jericho when it initially aired (I know I skipped it because I'm not a huge Skeet Ulrich fan and it was on CBS (which seems like, as my friend Elayna and I discussed yesterday, the network for old people. As she said, "Their shows star people like Mark Harmon. No one under 50 likes Mark Harmon" (other then as Mr. Shoop in Summer School, of course))). Anywho, those who did watch it, loved it (Garney and Stephen King among them) and sent literally tons of nuts to CBS in an effort to bring the show back for another season (Not sure what the nuts are about yet...apparently they play a role in the season finale). I'm so glad they did. Now, I'm obsessed with getting through season 1 before season 2 debuts on Feb. 12th. You can catch up/get hooked with full episodes online and we can all keep Jericho on the air a little while longer.

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that's for all you Jericho fans out there and for Lora when she gets to what I imagine will be the last disc of season 1