Wednesday, January 23, 2008

OscarBlog Results

I correctly predicted 64 out of 99.

The only category that I got all 5 right was Cinematography.

I was only off by one in the following categories:
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress
Adapted Screenplay
Original Screenplay
Art Direction
Costume Design
Visual Effects

I got the majority right (3 out of 5) in the following categories:
Picture (would have been 4 if I didn't switch from Michael Clayton last minute)
Original Music Score

The rest of the categories I got at least one right.

There are several nominated films I haven't seen that I'm hoping to catch before I make my own picks and predictions for this year's awards, but I'll certainly be sharing them with you sometime before the broadcast.

Three surprises I'm most pleased with:
In the Valley of Elah actor nomination for Tommy Lee Jones
song nomination for August Rush
costume design nomination for Across the Universe

Three surprises I'm most upset about:
only 3 nominations for Sweeney Todd
directing nominations for Juno's Jason Reitman and Michael Clayton's Tony Gilroy (too many more deserving contenders overlooked)
Surf's Up for Animated Feature (I watched it last night, it's good but not Simpsons movie good)

The best of the overlooked (from what I've seen):
PICTURE - Sweeney Todd
DIRECTOR - Tim Burton "Sweeney Todd"
ACTOR - Ryan Gosling "Lars and the Real Girl"
ACTRESS - Amy Adams "Enchanted"
SUPPORTING ACTOR - Adrian Brody "The Darjeeling Limited"
SUPPORTING ACTRESS - Imelda Staunton "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"
ADAPTED SCREENPLAY - Ben Affleck and Aaron Stockard "Gone Baby Gone"
ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY - Kelly Masterson "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead"
ANIMATED FEATURE - The Simpsons Movie
ORIGINAL MUSIC SCORE - Mark Mancina "August Rush" (possibly ineligible like Jonny Greenwood "There Will Be Blood" because of references to other music)
ORIGINAL SONG - Pop! Goes My Heart "Music and Lyrics"
CINEMATOGRAPHY - Dariusz Wolski "Sweeney Todd"
FILM EDITING - Chris Lebenzon "Sweeney Todd"
MAKEUP - Sweeney Todd
SOUND MIXING - Sweeney Todd


JD said...

Your overlooked picks are great.
Sweeney Todd deserved a lot more.
Adrien Brody and Ryan Gosling were rock solid in those films.

Red said...

I wish "Pop Goes My Heart" would have been nominated, if only to see Hugh Grant sing it at the awards (not that he would have, but you get the idea).

Imelda Staunton was so great. She took maybe the worst character in literature over the past 10 years and made her just as horrible on the screen. Brilliant.