Monday, January 14, 2008

The Final Golden Globes Post

Even though the Globes were canceled, a wonderful and stirring announcement ceremony was held in my apartment last night, hosted by your two favorite bloggers (uh, that would be Liz and me, obvs) for an audience of 2 (who, it must be said, were not as attentive or interested as I would like). Needless to say, we were a million times more entertaining than Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell (whose telecast was too painful to watch). My picking abilities were decent (I guessed 8 awards correctly). Let's recap:

TV - The big winner was Longford, an HBO movie I've been meaning to watch On Demand. It took the awards for Best Actor, Actress and Film Made for Television. I was super excited to see Tina Fey win Best Actress Comedy (though Liz and I agree she's not really an "actress," but any love for Tina and 30 Rock is awesome) and Glenn Close win for Damages (she really is incredible on that show, but then, she is Glenn Close. Can you believe she doesn't have an Oscar?!?). And as much as I love Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold on Entourage, isn't it time to honor someone else? Especially when Ted Danson was so fantastic on Damages? I'm just asking. Finally, Mad Men took home the award for Best Drama Series. I haven't watched it, but I hear it's awesome. AMC will begin re-airing episodes Monday at 12am. Get your DVR ready...

Film - Some real surprises. Julian Schnabel as Best Director? Marion Cotillard for Best Actress Musical/Comedy (who, in the group she was in, totally deserved to win, but her film (La Vie en Rose, which is pretty good) was not a comedy...and not really a musical either. [begin rant] This really bugs me about the Golden Globes. Just because the film is about a singer, does not mean the film is a musical. They need to redefine their "musicals" (and I'd be happy to accept the job): Sweeney Todd and Hairspray = Musicals. La Vie en Rose and, say, Ray = Dramas with a lot of music. It's just annoying [end rant]). All that to say, I think the French contingent of the Hollywood Foreign Press got a little carried away this year. I was happy Cate Blanchett take the award for Best Supporting Actress (she was so great as Bob Dylan) and, as weird as it sounds, was excited Atonement won Best Score (it really is fantastic). I was a bit surprised Atonement won Best Picture, as I thought it was a bit uneven, but perhaps it's overall look was enough to win the big prize.

Oscar nominations come out next week and I think Atonement now has a good chance of winning a ton of awards. Garney said to me recently, "I think Atonement will receive the most Oscar nominations of any picture (Picture, Director, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay, Art Direction, Costume Design, Sound, Musical Score, Film Editing... with strong possible Best Actor and Best Actress nominees as well) and that may ultimately be enough to make it take the big prize" and I think he's right. However, it is kinda fun to not have any clear front runners this year (Atonement, Into the Wild, There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men have all been named "Best Picture" at some point). Should be interesting to see how things pan out...

What did you think? Were you surprised about Atonement? Are you so sad we didn't get to see a Johnny Depp acceptance speech? And who thinks Liz and I should fill in for Billy and Nancy next year?

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