Friday, January 18, 2008

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

Sunday is a big day. The Chargers take on (and hopefully crush) the Patriots (sorry Liz) in the AFC Championship game, The Wire continues it's brilliant 5th season and a fantastic The Amazing Race season comes to an end.

The Amazing Race has been crazy so far. From the botoxed LA blondes claiming they weren't beneath flirting to get ahead (a lot of good it did them), to the interesting Goth couple (named Kynt and Vyxen...apparently the letter "Y" is very Gothy) and Nate and Jen, the athletic couple who more then once screamed "I hate you" at each other (ahhh love), all the characters have provided a fun and wild ride (for the most part. Even racing around the world has it's dull episodes). Now, three teams are left. Here's how I think the remaining teams will rank in the end:

3rd Place - Nick and Don: The Grandfather/Grandson team is rad (Don is a foul mouthed 68-year-old, who's been impressive keeping up with his 23-year-old grandson (and the other teams for that matter)), but I don't think Don has the stamina to over come 2 other teams to take the million bucks. Props to them both for making the top 3.

2nd Place - Ron and Christina: Currently in first place, they'd be the first Father/Daughter team to win the race. Their entire season focused on the need for Ron to chill out and not be so hard on his daughter. He seems to have accomplished that goal, so really, haven't they already won?

1st Place - TK and Rachel: The hippies (as they are referred to) have shown you can go far in TAR being mellow and having a good time (and not screaming at each other over stupid mistakes). They have some serious good luck (they were last place in a non-elimination round and over came a Speed Bump to over take Nate and Jen and stay in the race) and I think they've got a great shot at winning it all.

Tune in Sunday night at 8 to see if I'm right...

Oh, and Go Chargers!

Update: I was dead on with my TAR picks...too bad i didn't have the same luck with the Chargers...

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