Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh My God!

Heath Ledger is dead. I've not always been very kind to him on this site, but he really is (or was) a talented actor and this is just sad. Kinda reminds me of when River Phoenix died...so much talent wasted (like Brad Renfro, his death appears to be drug related). As Dave said, this is gonna make watching the new Batman movie really weird.

Also, they say these things happen in threes...so it begs the question, who's next?


Heidi said...

Hey kids, don't do drugs!!

Heather said...

I'm heartbroken. not only have I enjoyed his movies throughout the years, as well as his too-yummmy-to-be-true-good looks (in my opinion) but I've always had this little fantasy that we would be wed one fine day. I think we would have been the perfect couple and envied by all who knew us. I wanted to hear people say, "we're going to Heath and Heather's for dinner"...alas, I will have to be satisfied with dreaming!

Anonymous said...

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