Monday, January 7, 2008

Top 5: Things I am Excited and/or Annoyed About This Morning

1. Anthony Bourdain is Back - The new season of No Reservations begins tonight. This season, Tony travels to Singapore, Berlin, Greece, Vancouver and many other cool destinations. I've missed seeing Tony every Monday night (thank goodness his Christmas special was around to get me through the fall). With so few new options on TV, it's nice to have a reliable source of entertainment.

2. Actors Will Boycott the Golden Globes - It's pretty much a foregone conclusion if the WGA doesn't end the strike before January 13th (which doesn't seem likely). Now, NBC may not even air the awards (or may postpone a week or two). This is annoying. I'm all for unionization and the right to strike and what not, but when you start messing with my award season, then I really get pissed.

3. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are Back on the Air Tonight - I know a lot of people have been missing their nightly dose of fake news and extreme faux right-wing perspective, but the fellas are back tonight...without writers. Should be interesting to see how they fare on their own, but I think these two are funny enough to make it work.

4. Dr. Phil is Britney's New Spokesperson - Why you ask? Because Dr. Phil is the premiere US psychologist and must now weigh in on all crazy celebrity matters (one more sign we are all doomed).

5. The Wire is Still Amazing - After watching the season premiere last night, I remembered why I love this show so much. All the characters I've grown to love...the complex stories and emotions...I even actually want to visit Baltimore! I can't wait for the next 10 weeks.

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Falwless said...

I loathe Dr. Phil. Years ago when he started making guest appearances on Oprah he seemed decent. Now he's just another shark, preying on anything and everything sensational to get ratings. What a tool.