Friday, January 4, 2008

You Come at the King, You Best Not Miss

The Wire is back! The fifth and final season of the best show on television debuts Sunday night on HBO (I try not to write too much about HBO because I realize not everyone has it, but you really should. Best $11 I spend each month). This season promises the return of McNulty (how I missed him last season. Occasional glimpses of Dominic West just aren't enough), a look at the media (what stories are told and what falls through the cracks) and a conclusion for all characters and story lines (I, for one, just hope Omar and Bubbles make it out alive).

If you've not watched The Wire, I strongly suggest picking up the first four seasons on DVD. No other television show portrays modern, urban America better (even if it is a bit depressing at times). From cops and the drug trade, to blue collar workers and politicians, The Wire has something to say about everything. I really love how every season is it's own entity, yet the characters carry you through the entire story. It's a beautifully crafted world...truer then anything else on television (pardon my gushing) and absolutely worth your time and attention.

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Omagus said...

Goodness, I love this show. I didn't miss McNulty last season all that much because I thought the kids did an INCREDIBLE job of carrying the show. All of them were outstanding. Omar was also his usual stellar self.

Then again, the story line kind of hit close to home for me so that also helps.