Friday, May 23, 2008

Add This to Your Queue: The Orphanage

Last night, I let creepy little kids totally freak me out when I popped in the Spanish film The Orphanage. Produced by Guillermo del Toro, The Orphanage is a terrific thriller, as we've come to expect from the Spanish (see: The Others for further evidence). Laura (played by Spanish actress Belen Ruida, who totally looks like a cross between Embeth Davidz and Maria Bello) is a former orphan who returns to her childhood home with her husband and child to open a school for "special" children. Strange things begin happening with Laura's son, Simon, and with the house...and creepy little kids become involved. If you like thrillers, especially those with style, and don't mind subtitles, check out The Orphanage. It's a great way to spend a rainy weekend (as we are expecting in San Diego).

In other news, I will be on vacation all next week. I'm sure Liz will swing by to entertain you and, if you're really lucky, Dave and Garney will pop by, too. Try not to miss me too much.


Liz said...

I always thought The Others was a really underrated movie. I'll have to check this out.

And thanks for putting the entire blog on my shoulders for a week. Thanks a lot


pistols at dawn said...

I really disliked the Others. It was very much a "that's it?" movie.

BeckEye said...

This movie was FANTASTIC. I may have even liked it better than "The Devil's Backbone." And the ending just damn near broke my heart.

doorknob_dan said...

I loved The Others.

That part where Demi Moore takes off her clothes for money? That was truly inspired.

Oh wait, I'm thinking of Striptease, and that sucked (probably, I never watched it).

The Others? Oh, that's with Nicole Kidman right? Excellent movie, had me going right till the end and beyond. I still don't get it!

Kidding, I get it. THEY'RE the ghosts. I hope I just killed the surprise for someone.