Monday, May 19, 2008

Top 5: Things to Experince Before I Die

Because all my inspiration comes from (sadder words have never been spoken), their Concerts I Gotta See Before I Die list got me thinking of my own pop culture bucket list...which I will now impose on you:

1. Attend a Bruce Springsteen concert - I had an awesome professor in college who taught us Springsteen lyrics as poetry (ah, modern education) and he said the only way to experience The Boss is in concert. I tried (along with the local radio station) to get Bruce to play San Diego last year, but we failed. Someday...

2. Check out the Sundance Film Festival - I suppose Cannes would be awesome, too, but I've been to the village of Cannes, and it's tiny. I don't think I could handle the insanity of the Film Festival. I'll settle for Park City, Utah and Sundance.

3. Wear a designer gown - Now, I'm no fashonista, but I do love a cute outfit. I would like to wear something by Alexander McQueen or Valentino or even Christian Siriano to an event where such an dress would be warranted. This may be difficult, as I'm not a size 4, but dreams are made to be broken! Or something.

4. Eat with someone famous - I'd like to share a meal with one of the following: Anthony Bourdain, Dalton Ross, Tim Gunn, Sarah Jessica Parker, Quentin Tarrantino, Sophia Coppola, Simon Pegg, Ricky Gervais, Jeremy Clarkson, or Victoria Beckham...not that Vicky actually eats. We could have tea.

5. Publish something - A book or an article or my deeply moving sixth grade journal, whatever. Just published somewhere other than the internet. The internet is for poor people.

Your turn.


BeckEye said...

You've NEVER seen Springsteen live?? Oh lordy, miss. You better be extra careful when you're Out in the Street, so that you don't get shot Point Blank or run over by a Pink Cadillac. You simply can't die without seeing the Boss.

(Yeah, I'm a dork. But he's awesome.)

pistols at dawn said...

1) Appear in a feature film saying the words, "Evil dean!"

2) Go to Sundance - but only to stalk Red, not for the movies.

3)Write 5 other things to make this list not full of things I've done already.

Falwless said...

Even *I've* been to a Springsteen concert and I'm not even a huge fan! I'll have to give some thought to my pop-culture bucket list. Hmmm.

BeckEye said...

My bucket list would probably be something like:

1. Have sex with John Travolta
2. Have sex with Eddie Vedder
3. Have sex with Jeremy Sisto
4. Have sex with Michael Johns
5. Have sex with Ewan McGregor

Preferably this would all be done well before old age set in for any or all of us. And since John is the oldest, I'd better get crackin'.

Red said...

Becks: I know! My mom went to the Born in the USA tour when I was a kid and didn't take me with her. Bitch.

And good luck with the sleeping with the famous dudes.

Pistols: Were you in Animal House?!? And I'm so flattered you would stalk me.

Fal: I'd love to hear your bucket list, obvs.

Liz said...

Ooooh, Ewan McGregor ..... (love him!)

Garney said...

I'm going to try and make it to the Toronto Film Festival next year, but Sundance would be awesome too. The only festival I ever attended was the IFP West in Los Angeles.

I don't really have a list, but I guess it would include skydiving, attending the Oscars, writing for late night television, sing a duet with anyone in a long list of famous respected musicians (and not necessarily for an audience), and start my own religion.