Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rock and Roll Hall of Shame

I'm getting tired of writing these recaps, so I'm gonna switch things up and do more of a running blog thingy. Here goes:

First, what are the odds an American Idol contestant ever ends up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? About a trillion to one?

Round 1
I was psyched when David Cook said he was singing Hungry Like the Wolf, as he is damn sexy just like Simon LeBon, but he seemed a bit low on energy and, like Randy, it was just aiight for me.

Simon is totally right (as usual). Syesha's Proud Mary WAS a shrieky, horrible Tina Turner impression. It started out okay, but totally fell apart in the second half.

Jason Castro is ready to go home. He said as much last week. Let's let him go.

Mark my words. When Little David hooks up with Disney and he will be the biggest thing since Miley Cyrus. He sounded great singing Stand by Me. As much as I want to hate this kid for being a soulless puppet, I can't. He is really good.

Round 2
Daddy David's (no? too creepy?) Baba O'Riley totally worked for me until the tempo picked up and it fell apart a bit. Still love him though. Man, that beard is working for him. Those UCLA skanks in the audience can suck it.

I am a big Sam Cooke fan, and while Syesha did her best, she was missing the soul Cooke brings to A Change is Gonna Come. Her emotion after singing was...nice? touching? a lovely change from the scary evil bitch we've seen for all these weeks? One of those for sure.

I actually liked Jason's Tambourine Man (except for the forgetting the words bit), but yeah, he's definitely in the bottom two, if not on his way home tomorrow night. Drunk Paula still loves him for being him...or something like that. I tune her out at this point.

How does Little David not know Love Me Tender? That's, like, un-American or something. He was damn good, none-the-less. Just give him the trophy already so we can be done with this effing show.

If America Got it Right, Jason would go home tomorrow, but I have a suspicion it's Syesha's time. Maybe Castro will just quit and we can go straight to the finale. Fingers crossed.

Song I'd Sing This Week - Either Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac or Little Red Corvette by Prince.

What would you sing? Are you as tired of this season as I am?

Even this kitty is getting bored with American Idol.


BeckEye said...

Cookie does look good with the beard. But he's no Simon LeBon. Hey, it's okay, Michael Johns is no John Taylor. (I'm talking about these guys in their prime. They're looking a big haggard these days, so Cookie and Mikey have them beat now.)

I love Jason and hope he stays for another week. Syesha deserves to go for that line of bull she tried to feed everyone.

Garney said...

Archuleta was easily the best last night and Castro was easily the worst. I think with Syesha being the last girl and the only person of color, she'll make it into the final 3 before we see the 2 Davids go head to head.

Archuleta will win and have some fantastic post-Idol success but will then fade away except for tabloid stories about his crazy dad. Cook will have more success, and unless he has some great original work he'll simply fade away more slowly than the other David.

I suspect Cook will release an album of mostly interpretive covers with a few original songs that will be ignored for the most part. It will sell really well, and then he'll try to switch it up with his followup and do more original material with only a handful of covers which will be the only singles that play for a couple weeks until the charts realize no one cares any more.

This week I would have opened with For Emily Whenever I May Find Her by Simon and Garfunkel, and closed with Border Song by Elton John.

BeckEye said...

Oh, I forgot to say which song I would sing. It would be one of these:

"Tell Mama," Etta James
"Sympathy for the Devil," Rolling Stones
"Rock and Roll," Led Zeppelin
"The Great Pretender," The Platters (maybe a bit closer to the Freddie Mercury version though)

Or I would sing "Try a Little Tenderness" and dedicate it to Michael Johns, since he loves Otis Redding and I love him.

Falwless said...

haha, I read that article you linked me to -

"It's been overwhelming," Castro continued. "I got 150 balloons yesterday delivered to the studio because people heard I was sick last week. That's cool, but that's just weird."

Hahahahaha. I like this kid. I agree, that's just effing creepy. Sorry. You know, fame is a strange beast. I can't imagine what it's like to have it happen so quickly. One week you're Jason, that guy down the street with the dreads, the next week you're Jason Castro from American Idol and everyone knows you and wants to touch you and take pictures of you and scream out your name and send you weird shit in the mail. I dunno, I'd find that pretty tough to handle, I think.

Anyway, yeah, I'm kinda getting bored with this season, too.

Red said...

Becks: You are right. Cookie is not as dreamy as LeBon in his prime. I just meant they are both sexy...in different ways. Did you see MJ was voted the all time AI heartthrob on ew.com?

G: I don't think any Idol has ever come out with a mostly covers record. I'm sure Cook's album will be all originals...even if he doesn't write them all himself. I'm interested to see if his album is more Daughtry or more, like, MCR-ish.

Fal: Glad someone feels me. I think I'd like Castro a lot if I met him. I think he had no idea what he was getting into.