Friday, May 9, 2008

Stop. Breeding.

There’s a joke about Arkansas, home schooling and people named Joe Bob in this story somewhere, but I can’t get past the headline enough to think about it.

Eighteen kids!! This is a story about a family that has EIGHTEEN effing children!!! At least they will, when the mom gives birth next January. She just found out she’s pregnant with her eighteenth kid. Eighteen!! She’s been pregnant for 11 years of her life. The family says, if she gets preggers again, “Great! The more the merrier!” All the kids’ names start with the letter J. Did I mention there are almost 18 of them!!!!!!

Wha? Muh!? Bu!?! Juh … STOP! Please, God, just stop. Name this last one “(va)Jay-Jay’s Closed” and put an end to this insanity. They say they're a big happy family and I've gotta admitt that they look it, but just ... shut it down. Really, let's call it a day.

Condoms: They're not just for sailors anymore.


Red said...

Damn breeders.

pistols at dawn said...

There will come a point where they'll all take each other to the home school prom and get to breedin' more of themselves.

BeckEye said...

There is a post about this same thing over on Suze's blog and I made a similar inbreeding joke over there. I love that my head is in the same gutter as Pistols'.

feathers said...

that coulda been me!!!!