Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Be True to Your School: Vol. 2

On the heals of a major drug bust at my University comes another scandal...this time at my High School. The third male teacher in two years was arrested for having sex with a student at Helix High School (formerly only famous for pumping out football stars like Alex Smith and Reggie Bush). Unlike the rest of the country, where the female teachers seem to be falling for their male students, Helix (which, I'll admit, has some pretty hot male teachers) seems to be taking the Humbert Humbert approach. Now, I read Lolita and I know how charming teenage girls can be when they put their mind to it, but c'mon man! Keep it in your pants.


Liz said...

Hey man, teenagers are sexy. What can you do?

Just kidding. Ewwwww. There was only one cute teacher at my HS. Most of them ... *shudder*

pistols at dawn said...

California has schools?

doorknob_dan said...

It seems like that would be the place to teach if I:

a) were a teacher undeterred by statuatory rape
b) thought high school girls were attractive
c) had genitals

Since none of the above hold true, all high school girls have to fear from me is me becoming the master of the universe and banning cell phones and makeup.