Monday, July 7, 2008

Half-Year Movie Report

Tonight at 11 PM eastern will be another broadcast of The Three AMovIGOerS on BlogTalkRadio where the Oscar, Oscar! host Jason O'Brien is joined by both myself and Jamey Duvall (host of Movie Geeks United) where we will be discussing our picks for the ten best films of 2008 so far. Here's a sneak peek of my top 5:

1. Wall-E
2. In Bruges
3. The Visitor
4. Kung Fu Panda
5. Young at Heart

Hear why I pick these as the best and also find out the other five titles that make the list by tuning in tonight. Click here to listen to it live Monday at 11 pm eastern. Or you can click on the link to listen to it in the archives starting Tuesday.


Liz said...

Was Kung Fu Panda really that good? I thought it looked kind of lame.

Garney said...

It's so much better than you would expect. Everyone I know who has seen it has liked it almost as much or sometimes even more than me. One of the other guys also had it on his list.

I do think a big factor for how much I enjoyed it was seeing it in IMAX though.