Friday, July 11, 2008

The Soundtrack of My Life

I think about this a lot...if someone made a movie of my life (and wouldn't watching someone watch TV for 2 hours just be fascinating?), I'd ask to create the soundtrack. Here's the track list:

1. Thunder Road - Springsteen: As the Boss himself would say, it's the ultimate invitation song...come along and listen to the story.

2. Express Yourself - Madonna: Madonna taught me many valuable life lessons early in my little life. How to rock a cone shaped bra, maybe the most important?

3. Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler: For the part in the movie when I still believe in heroes and holding out.

4. Still Fighting It - Ben Folds: Because everybody knows it sucks to grow up.

5. Better Man - Pearl Jam: For the one I lied to when I said I was in love with him.

6. July, July - The Decemberists: This is the fun, summer-on-the-beach montage required in every movie set in SoCal.

7. The Old Apartment - BNL: Mainly, because any story about me would be a lie without a Barenaked Ladies song. Is that sad?

8. More Adventurous- Rilo Kiley: Jenny Lewis represents many things, but primarily how awesome it is to be ginger. This is an overarching theme in the film, obvs.

9. Don't Think Twice - Bob Dylan: For the one who just kinda wasted my precious time.

10. Long Way Round - Dixie Chicks: Lord knows, I never seem to do it like anybody else. Life lessons must be learned the hard way.

11. Holiday in Spain - Counting Crows: For the end of the film where I ride a plane to Europe to spend the rest of my days abroad as an ex-pat.

12. Don't Stop Believin' - Journey: For the message...for it's karaoke perfection...for it's plays over the credits.

Embarrassingly, there really should be a Robbie Williams song in here somewhere, but this will have to do. Is it just me, or does this have the potential to be the greatest movie/soundtrack combo since Elizabethtown?!

P.S. As I've said before, I'm not computer savvy enough to give you the mp3s of all these wonderful tunes. Deal with it, people!


Anonymous said...

Mine would be the Squirrel Nut Sack song.

Red said...

I thought you weren't commenting anymore...

Anonymous said...

You Know, Red, you were the one who introduced me to the better BNL songs and now I love them...This old apt is one oof my faves!

Andra said...

That last comment was me

pistols at dawn said...

As long as there's Journey, I'm happy. And despite the fact that it's not cool at all, I like the Barenaked Ladies, and that song, because I often break into my old apartments to see what they would have looked like if I could afford furniture.

pistols at dawn said...

Also, why does every woman I know like this "Thunder Road" song so much? One day, I'll have to actually hear it. But I've already written a song saying I've never heard it, so you can see how I'm stuck.

BeckEye said...

Pistols: You'll never out there casing the promised land until you realize the brilliance of "Thunder Road." You're doomed to remain one of those streetlight people, living just to find emotion.

Garney said...

this is an awesome entry, and I would try and make list for myself but I know I'd drive myself crazy trying to make it definitive so I'll just pick 5:

1. One Voice - Barry Mailow
would have to be my opening song since I grew up listening to Manilow (mom's favorite)

2. The Last Polka - Ben Folds Five
for Samara

3. It's Gonna Be a Long Night - Ween
for the period of reckless living that followed

4. Running To Stand Still - U2
for the same reason above

5. The Luckiest - Ben Folds
for Michele