Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things that Suck: A List in 5 Parts

I know you've come to rely on my impeccable taste to lead you to all things cool and wonderful, but it can't always be Mad Men and Shia LaBeouf here at The Watchword. Here are 5 things currently working my nerves (as the awesome ladies of Sassy used to say. Oh, Sassy. How I miss you so):

1. Crappy Radio - Once an ardent ipod listener, I've recently returned to the radio, only to learn San Diego radio is really shitty. How many times must we hear the new Gavin Rossdale song before we can all agree it blows? Once was enough for me.

2. Brett Farvre - I love Brett (no one looks better in a pair of Wranglers), but I'm seriously disappointed in this whole coming-out-of-retirement thing. What's the deal with millionaires overstaying their welcome? Go enjoy life on the gulf and stay there, crazy.

3. Boredom - This may go down as one of the least interesting summers in the history of my wonderful and exciting life (with one or two notably interesting exceptions). I actually said to someone the other day, "I'm tired of TV." Maybe I should try going outside? *shudder*

4. Work - I have a pretty sweet gig, but work in general, like, as a concept, really sucks. Tony Bourdain was in Uruguay this week and visited a little beach commune where people still barter for goods and live without traditional modern conveniences. It looked very tempting. I could hang out on the beach and do nothing for the rest of my life. Especially if Tony would come visit every once in awhile.

5. This Post.


Falwless said...

This post


Oh dear.

How I love you, Red.

Liz said...

You know what sucks? My office dress code. Its not really all that stringent, but there some days when I really wish I could flip flops to work.

Andra said...

yes...speaking of jobs and the Travel channel, why can't I have Samatha Brown's gig? I mean, I speak more languages than she does and I can talk to a camera wil enjoying fabulous food and cushy surroundings... Oh, yeah, and Tony's cool too...:)

Grant Miller said...

I was surprised Favre came out too.

The Guv'ner said...

I've said this before, but you know what else sucks, Red? HERSHEY'S. There, I said it. Stone me.

pistols at dawn said...

Maybe you need to listen to that song like ten times to appreciate just how much that song sucks.

Also, there are no answers outside, except for maybe "How much better is inside?"

fran said...

Oh, how I wish Brett Favre would go away. Every year he pulls this "will I/won't I" retirement dance and waits to be told how much he's loved and needed before he rides back triumphantly. Well, the Packers have had their fill, jerkwad. Now you're showing your true leadership qualities as you throw the entire team into turmoil by making a spectacle of yourself.

I hate that he thinks the Packers owe him something for all the ring he won them and that they should release him as a goodwill gesture so he can hook on with another team. Screw that. You're an asset and they're not giving you away. You were paid millions upon millions of dollars for your years of service. THAT'S what they owed you.

Sorry, sore subject :)

Garney said...

more things that suck...

1. People who talk during movies.
2. Customer Service Reps who don't understand the concept of their job title.
3. The Padres, unfortunately.
4. 90% of all text messages
5. Fox News