Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thoughts From the Airport

I took a last minute trip to Chicago this weekend. It was cursed from the moment I arrived at the airport Saturday and discovered my flight was 2.5 hours delayed until I missed my flight yesterday morning and had to join the still drunk kids on the train to O'Hare this morning. I was staying at my cousin's place...she has no cable (can you believe I went 4 days without television?!?!)...and I basically have no idea what's going on in pop culture at the moment (are A-Rod and Madonna still, maybe an item? Is Suri Cruise, like, 12 yet? I feel so out of it!). So instead, you will get the observations I collected while on a layover at the Denver Airport:

* Fat Tire tastes amazing in Denver...kinda like they say Guinness is so much better in Ireland. I need to go to Ireland.

* Airport eateries/bars are the loneliest places on earth.

* Pour La France in the Food Court claims to have "the greatest carrot cake in the world." Somehow, I highly doubt this.

* Some kids are really effing weird and seem supremely disappointed when no one notices.

* I'm not the hater of people I pretend to be.

* The title of my memoir no one will read will be Loneliness at the Top of the World (okay, I had that observation while drinking a martini, by myself, at the bar at the top of the Hancock building, but I still say it counts).

That's it. This post is kinda depressing. Apologies.


Liz said...

Sorry things went so ary. Glad to have you back on California soil!

Danielle said...

Red, I've only met you once, but I feel like we're now sisters. I've done a lot of solo travel in the last few years (mom works for an airline, woohoo cheap tickets!!) and let's just say that I've gained an intimate knowledge of some of the world's finest airports. There's nothing lonelier than trying to order a gin and tonic (thanks for turning me onto those, Liz!) at the Cincinnati-Southern Kentucky Airport while a creepy dude with a mustache takes his wedding ring off as he tells you he'll pay for your drink. No wait, I lied... One time I missed a flight out of Italy and had to spend the night in Venice by myself. A gorgeous Italian man at the airport asked me why I was traveling alone, and I made up some fabulous story about being an editor for a fashion magazine and being in Venice for a photo shoot. C'mon, what was I supposed to say? I was in Venice. Arguably the most romantic city in the world. Alone. Not sure of that makes me super independent, or a huge loser!

Jon said...

Nonsense. I drink by myself all the time. Does that somehow make me a depressing person? It does?? Oh. Okay then.

Also, what's Fat Tire?

Falwless said...

I frickin' loooove airports. I'm addicted to people-watching. Plus, there is something so damn sexy about men, alone, in high-powered suits, walking through terminals on their way to what I imagine is a very important business meeting about mergers and acquisitions.

Mmmm, merge me, baby.

This comment took a wrong turn.

Garney said...

Didn't I call you when I was stuck in a Houston airport for forever last year and leave you my thoughts on Escape (The PiƱa Colada Song)?

Airports used to be awesome just for the sake of people watching until they changed it so that only passengers could be at the gates.

Red said...

Liz: Thanks. It's good to be back.

Danielle: That's fantastic! I'm glad you can sympathize. I'm totally using your story if I'm ever stuck in Venice.

Jon: What's Fat Tire?!?! Has it not reached the eastern US yet? Man, it sucks to be you. It is, after Stone (which I know you can't get out there) the best beer made in America. Buy some on the internets or something.

Fal: I love airports too...when I only have time to watch hot men in suits...but beyond, like, 40 mins, they get depressing.

G: I remember that. I told Elayna all about your variations on the lyrics. We still laugh about it from time to time.

Liz said...

I had never had Fat Tire 'til I moved to Cali. I don't think they have it on the east coast, at least not commonly.

I once had a 5 hour layover in the Philadelphia airport and spent a lot of time getting acquainted with Yeunling beer. Airports are good for that I guess.

That layover sucked pretty bad beacuse (A) It was 5 hours and (B) You can see the skyline of Philly while you're sitting there, so you're all alone in this boring place, staring at a city that looks really fun, and you can't get to it. On the bright side, I was one of like 3 people on my flight out of there.

Anonymous said...

Gee nice to know you were out of town. You are suppose to call your mother when you leave the state!!! LOL! What if your plane crashed...oh the lay over is punishment enough. Yes, that generation is all about look at meee!!

pistols at dawn said...

Depressing? Drinking alone is awesome, because you don't have to share.

And Fat Tire is only on the West Coast, and it makes me think of a girl I dated with a hat advertising it. I knew we had something in common: a love for beer.

Red said...

For the record, I have no problem drinking by myself, but the situation at the top of the Hancock Tower, was rather depressing. Geez!