Monday, July 7, 2008

That No Alcohol Thing is a Myth, Right?

Starting next month, all Utah state employees will transition to a 4-day work week in an effort to conserve energy.

In other news, I am moving to Utah immediately.

Utah: Not Just For Polygamists Anymore


Liz said...

Workin 10 hours a day kind of sucks though

Anonymous said...

Lora, I dont think you and i can have a government sanctioned union in Utah . . . guess you'll have to stay here in Cali where it's leagal.
Love, Annie <-- willing to move to Utah, but only if i can be wife number 19 and mother of 24.

pistols at dawn said...

Um, almost every DC government agency has "Flex Fridays," where you work 9 hours per day (ha ha ha, it's government work, you actually work like 3 hours per day) and get every other Friday off. Yet again, Utah's 100 years behind the times.

BeckEye said...

All I can say is....GOSH!!

Red said...

Pistols, are you a government employee? 'Cause if so my reaction veers between "hook a sister up" and "there goes the neighborhood".